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The Secrets of Earthquake

The Secrets of Earthquake

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Since the birth of earth, the earthquake is striking on the plain on the earth in regular interval. But the unpredictable nature of the earthquake is still illusive to the mankind. Moreover, if we follow some guidelines, then we can minimize the casualty of the earthquake in advance. The required guidelines are discussed for your help.


It is very much vital component for the tremor. If you give more stretch on the geographical location data , then you may predict about the next earthquake in advance. First, you have to find out the main source point of  the earthquake zone where the intensity of the tremor will be high. For ascertaining the main points of the earthquake source, you have to divide the world map into the nine divided parts. Then, you will find the four intersection points. These intersection points will be the highly dangerous earthquake zones. If you study on these intersection points in depth, then you will find that the world’s most dangerous earthquakes were occurred at those places.


It is a wise move, if you study the past earthquakes happenings in the world, then you will find that when the next tremor can strike on the earth. Moreover, you have to pay attention on the frequencies of the past earthquakes. The prediction about the earthquake is possible, if you can read and judge the geographical location very well.


You have to calculate the possibility of the next tremor accurately. The reason is that the conventional scientific formulas will not be enough for the prediction about the next tremor happenings. Rather you have to take some help from the occult also. If you are fully scientific minded, then it will be very difficult for you to follow the occult. But if you follow it then it will help you a lot for predicting the next earthquake.


It is observed that the animals can feel the incoming tremor in advance. So that it is better to keep some specific animals for the predicting the incoming earthquake. After all , you should not undermine the power of this animal’s instinct. The animals will never fail in this context.

Therefore, predicting the earthquake in advance is actually very difficult. But it is not impossible. Only you have to think about all the clues and the resources through your ability, then you will able to predict the earthquake in advance.


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