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About Me

About Me

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About me, it is a kind of self expression on paper as well. Slogging through a piece of paper with a pen does not attract me. Rather, it is just like boredom for me. Therefore, I penned my thought through the keyboard, which gives me so much delight. As when I saw that my fingers were dancing on the keyboard and making some printed rhythm on the screen, it gives me immense satisfaction. Moreover, I like to explore the unknown frontiers through my writing where no man can dare to do it. It attracts me, and I like to take this challenge.

It gives me solace and peace in my solitude and my accomplishment. Moreover, it gives me a smooth transition through the unknown to the known world. Writing never discourages my skill rather it increases my potential to the highest level where I never imagined before. Writing is a journey, which I have to complete through my life.

My Knowledge Trails:

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Handwriting Analysis ( HAM, Agra,1994 )
  • Diploma in Multimedia ( Arena Multimedia, 1998 )
  • Certification on Visual Basic 6 ( NIIT, 2001 )
  • A+ ( IIHT, 2006 )
  • Network+ ( IIHT, 2006 )
  • Certification on Flash and 3DS Max ( Arena, 2009 )
  • Certification on PHP and MySQL ( Ardent Collaborations, 2009 )
  • Certification on Core Java from NIIT ( 2010 )

Writer (2011- Present): Content Writing, Writing articles for Magazines, Feature Article (Computer, career, internet, mobile, technology, relationship, business, management)
Photographer (1994 – Present): Still-life, Architecture, Landscapes, Macro, Automotive
Graphologist (2008 – Present) : Crime detection, Marriage compatibility, Fraud detection