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Are we alone in this universe ?

Are we alone in this universe ?

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We are not alone in this universe. The reason is that we are a part of another civilization, which has visited our earth in the recent past from more than 500 light years distance away. Interestingly, they are visiting our earth once in every 5000 years rotation. Now, the time is coming near within 2000 years from now. Nevertheless, this time, the human being will be totally changed with a new breed and the new kind of the gene will be mutated in such a way that the human sexuality will be lost forever. Even, our intelligence and skill will get a new height which no human will ever imagine before. Moreover, the human will be able to create another human body from the same body as well.

According to the analysis, I could tell you that the exact date of the next visit of their coming will be on 4200 AD. After that, our human existence will get a new turn, which will never be same again as today. Actually, if you look at your God faces, then you will see that they are example of the faces of our distant civilization’s people. Moreover, they are the replica of our God, which interpret our imagination and spirituality as well. Nowadays, through our religions, we worship the people who are visited on this earth more than 5000 years age and give us the scientific revelation and explanation through their ingenuity as well.

Actually, you may not believe that our modern people do not make the modern science. Rather, it is a gift from our distant civilization people who guide our men to use the scientific temperament through their guidance as well. They are the harbinger of the modern science. When you will deeply think about the proofs for their influence in this earth, then you will get lot examples about it. When we pray our God through our mind, then actually we are praying the people of the distant civilization people who frequently visit our Earth at the regular interval as well.

When we are talking about the supreme power of our God, which is, actually we are talking about the Earth magnetic and natural power, which exists in the Earth itself. When we worship God, which actually explore the Earth’s invisible power for the benefits of us. Even, when you look at the nature, then you will see that all the seeds of plants have been brought in the Earth through the distant civilization people.


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