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Are we alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe?

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Our earth is a part of the universe. But another life existence on another earth has a doubtful answer at all. The reason is that we come to a conclusion that we are not alone in the universe. Moreover, our existence is a highly speculative term for any inquisitive mind. Because, not yet confirm that we are alone in the universe. Rather, if we interpret it in the other way, then we may get some light on it. When a fully adult human body is burn by fire, then you will get its ashes which is about 4 kilograms in weight.

More interesting fact is that the ashes are made of carbon. Therefore, we can say that the universe is also made of carbon. If it is true, then you can say that we are not alone in this universe as well. Basically, our conscious always skeptical about alien existence in the universe. But if you are keen about the unknown existence, then you will able to decipher its real clue. Actually, what we can say that we are not alone in the universe and we are living with our sibling in the another part of the universe. But we could not access to them due to the communication barrier. Moreover, we can find them if we are able to judge some criteria about their whereabouts.


It is the critical proposition for another life existence in the universe. Honestly speaking, the distance between Earth and the alien civilization is quite mind-boggling matter. The reason is that if you like travel to the alien world within two days, then it is absolutely impossible right now. Practically, there is no such technology is available in our planet which will make it possible. We still can hope that one day, we will able to make it happens as well. But it is still in our dream that we could not guess the right technology to overcome the distance between earth and the alien civilization. It is true that they have more sophisticated and more advanced technology than ours but we don’t have it as well. The reason is that we could not go deeper into the speed technology which is only option which we will able to reach the alien civilization.


You should always keep in your mind that the alien civilization is living in our own galaxy. Therefore, you have to search the extra-terrestrial existence in to our own galaxy. It is true that our galaxy is so vast that we could not get pass through within 100 light years as well. Still, we expect some relief in such a way that our technology is developing at the break neck speed. We hope that we could cut the barrier between our earth and the alien civilization. The real location of the alien world will never be found in the known places in our galaxy. Rather, we have to search out in the different and unknown frontiers where the chances are bright for finding them as well.


The communication between ours and the alien is quite understandable. The reason is that the alien language is quite different from us. The reason is that they use the sophisticated symbolic language parameters. In this case, you can expect the higher communication barrier which we may face in this regard. But one thing is sure that the communication parameters in the alien world is quite different and not all communication signals are equal. Therefore, in this regards, the communication signals from us will have different meaning to the alien world as well.

Quality of life

As far as the quality of life is concerned, you can expect the different quality of life will be available to the alien world. The reason is that sometimes you will find that some alien world is highly advanced than our civilization and some alien civilization is still in its dormant stage and developing slowly as well as like our own civilization. Therefore, they could not response according to our communication signals as well.

So, whether we are alone in the universe or not, is a billion-dollar proposition right now. But one thing is sure that we have to search extensively to prove our conviction as well.

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