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Being good

Being good

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If you are good at the early ages of your life, then it is sure that you will never be bad at the later stage of your life. The reason is that your ability, personality, conscience, social exposure, commitment, success and responsibility will compel you to do good even at the extreme harsh situation. Actually, it is true because the first light of our life is always fuzzy at the primordial stage of our life. But as the time progresses, we are able to get the clearness of our life through the power of our first light. Can you tell me what is the taste of the first light. Nobody will tell you the exact taste of the first light of our life. For someone it is sweet and for someone, it is sour. But one thing is common that at the beginning, it is always sweet somehow. So you have to understand know how to convert sweetness into a good one. For it, you will require love, caring and responsibility.

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