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Bengali : A Colorful Gene

Bengali : A Colorful Gene

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If you live in West Bengal of India, then you will see that an ancient gene is living its population. Actually, it is called as Bengali who speaks Bengali language and lives with Bengali culture. Nevertheless, one thing you have to keep in your mind that Bengali is an ancient gene, which you will never find in any ethnic group of India. The reason is that its crucial location in the geographical map makes it different from the other ethnic groups of India.

It is true that Bengali gene is attached with love, passion, compassion, tolerance, creativity, music, culinary ability, tasteful, caring and others. However, one thing is sure that it is one of the best ethnic groups in the world. Because it has vast biological characteristics which are highly acceptable in the world. Moreover, every Bengali is a separate entity in its class. Due to its geographical advantages which makes this ethnic group more versatile in its existence. Bengal is not a land-locked state.

Rather, it has a big sea front. If you look at the civilization history, then you will see that highly creative people comes from the non-landlocked location. The reason is that water and fresh air are required for the development of the creative mind. In this connection, Bengal’s geographical location has unique advantage over the other Indian states as well. Another important criterion is its soil. Because, the organic elements of Bengal’s soil is highly creative friendly.

Another way you can think that Bengali gene is also highly adaptable nature which means it adepts the condition according to demands. As far as Bengali’s creativity is concerned, food has great impact on it. The reason is that Bengali food (rice, fish, curry, sweet) makes their brain more fertile regarding creative visualization as well. It has a long list of creative persons in its history.


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