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Bollywood song: Balm for any soul

Bollywood song: Balm for any soul

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For any Indian, Hindi song means Bollywood song. Actually, it reflects the rhythmic soul of Indian passion. Practically, in any Hindi film, you will get the musical happiness to your mind, which will make you more sensible and lovable as well. It is observed that a Bollywood song always attracts the three types of emotions like love, friendship, and caring. One interesting point to observe is that the every Bollywood song has a secret about its lyric and musical score mechanism, which always entertain the wounded soul as well the party hopper also. The reason is that it creates the balanced sequence with its taal, which ultimately delivers the unique musical wave to its listeners as well.

You keep in your mind that the Bollywood song always stays away from the Indian classical gharana, which belongs to the Indian classical music. Honestly speaking, if the Bollywood song follows the Indian classical ghararna, then it could not appeal to the Indian people. Because, the classical music always creates some adverse effect on the people, particularly, it make the people more mean minded whereas the Bollywood music always creates more open minded in the people as well. Sometimes we never understand why the Bollywood song is nice to entertain our mind. Of course, something is happening in the Bollywood song over the times for making the music lovers to feel the Bollywood song’s power.


For the Bollywood song, the lyric is a crucial one. The reason is that it blends the music with its wording in such a way that the song itself instills in the mind of the music lovers. Moreover, you should keep in your mind that the Bollywood song is not exclusively for the Indian people. Rather, it clearly conveys its identity as a global song, which easily attracts the western mind as well as the eastern mind also. If you are sensible about music, then you will see that lyric in the Bollywood song relates to love, sorrow, and friendship which builds our life in the deeper sense.

When you will listen to a Bollywood song, then first its lyric will make a commendable impression in your mind, after that, you will able to play with music for your wounded or happy soul as well. If you get deep delve into the wording of the Bollywood lyric, then you will see that the beginning part and the ending part of the lyric is quite composed with its aura and also you will see that the importance of season is highly visible in the song also.


It is one of the most important elements of Bollywood song. The reason is that music steers lyric with its rhythmic pattern and makes it lovable to ears. In the Bollywood song, music is generally composed of the western pattern along Indian pattern. In the reality, the taal of the Bollywood song follows the teen taal of Indian music systems like dadra or kaharba. Moreover, most of the Bollywood songs are composed with the mixture of varieties of teen taal. It is observed that dadra taal is extremely popular among most of the Bollywood music director. The reason is that it is easily presentable for playing musical instrument. The player can play this taal easily and it is very much effective to Indian mind as well. Another point about dadra taal in the Bollywood song is that any music director can create the music for a new Bollywood song within very short period.


In the Bollywood song, the musical instruments are generally used from the Indian source and the Western source also. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that initially the Indian instruments are the prime source of the Bollywood song. Moreover, the western musical instruments have taken a great impact on the Bollywood song scoring also. Actually, the western musical instruments bring great varieties in the Bollywood song and its players are contributed a lot in the Bollywood song through its intuitive sound formation. Actually, a Bollywood song needs many small but handy musical instruments for building the power of the rhythmic pattern.

Therefore, in this connection, the western musical instruments play a great role. You should keep in your mind that a 5-minute Bollywood song would need four types of instruments like percussion, wind, stringed and electronic. Even, you will find that percussion and electronic instruments have the maximum share of a Bollywood song. Therefore, it attracts the younger generation in the large number as well.


In a Bollywood film, you will see that its theme is based on love and passion theme. Therefore, in a Bollywood song, the ratio of the male and female singer will be 3:2. Otherwise, the song will never attract the Indian ears. Generally, natural voice is high demand among Bollywood singers. Once the natural voice gives his or her lip a new Bollywood song, then there is a great chance for a hit. The reason is that the natural voice always leads better listeners also.

It is true that Bollywood song is the lifeline for any Indian mind and it caters quick entertainment to them as well.

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