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How a civilization lost from the history ?

How a civilization lost from the history ?

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Everybody has a curious mind for the interest of the ancient history. However, when something has been lost from the history, then your curiosity will be increased in the significant manner as well. Therefore, when a civilization lost from history, then the curiosity about it will take a huge momentum also. It is observed that we immediately want to know how it is happened so quickly. Nevertheless, if you think deeply, then you will see that any civilization vanished from the pages of history due to some criteria. Therefore, if you discuss it, then you will have clear picture about it.


It is one of the main reasons for vanishing a civilization from history page. The reason is that pestilence happens when the civilization is on the brink of total collapse. Actually, it happens due to the lack of physical and mental health as well as the scarcity of food. Moreover, if you have an open eye on the pages of history, then you will see that pestilence happened after a big natural calamity. This happening is natural and acceptable. Moreover, the period of the pestilence is comparatively longer than the modern day epidemic. The reason is that there was no highly advanced support system to control the pestilence.

Natural Calamity

When the destiny of a civilization comes closer to its end, then you will see that some kind of natural calamity happens. Actually, what happens is that, calamity happens after a long period of negligence regarding natural habitat, social integrity, human value and other reasons as well. So that you should know that the natural calamity does not come suddenly, but it warns the repetitive warning signals to the people of civilization.

Uneven Distribution System

When a civilization faces the uneven distribution system, which reaches to its extreme, then some kind of collapses happen and make the situation more critical as well. When the people are not getting proper distribution of food and amenities, then there will be a greater chance for vanishing civilization. Actually, it will take its shape more than 500 years more. Actually, it is a slow and steady process. Therefore, you will hardly feel it.

Biological Degradation

You should know that as the time passes, the human physical and mental development occurs at the steady pace. Therefore, you will need to provide the required facilities for developing the human body and mind development. However, when it comes to a greater shortage, then the biological degradation happens at the random pace.

Society Breaks Up

When society break up in the faster speed, then any civilization will be collapsed without any doubt. Nevertheless, one thing you have to keep in your mind that once the society starts to break up and you could not resist it, and then it will eventually collapse like bunch of cards as well. Actually, what happens is that for collapsing a civilization is very much crucial for its existence. Once it starts to collapse, then it will be very much difficult to restore its original form.

Therefore, any civilization lost due to ignorance, lack of understanding on the social front and inadequate protection from the social governance.


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