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How you consider yourself marriageable ?

How you consider yourself marriageable ?

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In our life, marriage is a part of our duties. So that we are very much conscious about marriage as we grow up. In the reality, you will see that your inner mind will tell you when you will marry. Actually, what happens is that, our physical and mental setup will start to indicate us in the various ways for getting ready forĀ marriageable status as well. One interesting point to ponder that your conscious mind will never give you any clue for marriage. Nevertheless, your subconscious mind will guide you to choose your mate for marriage.

Feeling alone

If you do not like to live alone, then you will definitely believe on the principle of earning, marrying and rearing. Therefore, you are very much intolerant about the burden of loneliness as well. Moreover, it is observed that if feeling lonely is irritating you a lot, then you should definitely go for a permanent partner. Therefore, when you feel alone despite your active life, then it is understood that you will need mental intimacy. Therefore, you should go for the marriage in such a way that your loneliness can be minimize as well.

Sexual urge

If you are always on the sexual high and you want a physical intimacy, then you should think about the marriage. Actually, what happens is that, we are not all same on the sex issue. The reason is that our body structure is quite different from one person to another person as well. Therefore, you will see that not two persons are same on the sex conviction. Actually, our body and mind play a great role in this context.


If you like to keep an offspring for your generation, then the importance of the parenthood will come out. The reason is that you like to keep the impression of yourself in this world through your family. Therefore, that marriage is the only legitimate option for you to get into the parenthood as well.


Everybody will require love in his or her life. Moreover, love is the balm of all wounds. Even, you will see that you can get love from the various sources. Moreover, if your love is aiming for any human existence, then you will definitely go for marriage. Actually, it is the leveler for human emotion.

So that, you can live without marrying or also you can live with your partner, which only possible when you will understand the importance of marriage better as well.


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