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How to control a scam?

How to control a scam?

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We are habituated to the existence of scam. But we could not completely wipe out from our society. The reason is that a scam develops from greed and jealousy as well. Practically, you will see that scam stays as a dormant sparkle which is ready to spark when it gets an ignition. It is observed that the most of the cases, scam gets its power when its mentor nourishes all stuffs for developing it. In the real life, scam is not for everybody.

So few people show their gut to produce the scam through their pernicious manipulation as well. Mainly, you will see that scam gathers its momentum when a whirlpool of unhappy minds develops some irritations in the affected area. Truly it is a mind-boggling situation for any society. The reason is that it will destroy the social ethics with its paramount flushing. Moreover, you will get an inevitable thud from the social system due to it.


Any scam takes its shape through the human interaction like handover. It is a kind of barter system that move one hand to another hand. Therefore, there is an excellent chance for scam development due to a large numbers of handover actions. It is observed that more handovers will make a greater chance of a bigger scam. Again, fewer transfers will make small fraud even no scam development as well. You have to control unnecessary transfers of a communication so that you can tame its spreading.


When a communication changes its ownership so many times, then it is inevitable to get the irregularities in changeover mechanism. So that a scam can be developed without giving any warning. Over the times, frequent transition establishes the route for scam, and it can take a drastic development if you could not resist its initial speed.


If a communication does not have a honest carrier, then there will be a great chance for developing a scam. It is observed that a dishonest carrier is very much prone to develop a scam without giving any notice. Practically, if a weak carrier could not carry a communication well, then the communication will inevitably break in parts, and scam will take its shape. But it is true that a powerful carrier can make communication stronger and secure. So that scam could stay away from its formation as well.


If there is a sudden temptation for making substantial ground for scam development, then starter will be responsible for it. The reason is that a starter who will first create the communication for accomplishing a task and steers it to the carrier for further movement.

Therefore, for controlling scam, you have to go through the different mediums, and also you have to check all movement until it reaches its destination. So in this way, you will able to tame a scam and make your society free from any social pollution as well.

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