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How to control your wife ?

How to control your wife ?

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If you have a wife, then it is good. Again, if you have no wife, then it is also good. Nevertheless, when your life binds with your wife, then you should have some controls on it. Otherwise, your life will be more miserable as well. It is true that marriage is good for the woman but it is not good for the man. The reason is that a wife is a self-inflicting tool, which has a great power, which can dislodge your life forever if you could not handle it with care as well. Actually, dealing with the wife is very much a delicate issue and it has a sharp edge which can cut your mind if you could not handle well.


When you are going to start your new inning with your wife, then you have to be more cautious than before. The reason is that this relationship is building for your life and you have to take every step wisely. Since any negative action will make your life more vulnerable for living as well. Moreover, you have to share the advantages with your wife in the equal proportion. The reason is that this kind of approach will make your marriage life more comfortable and better understanding as well. One thing you should remember that you should never give any undue advantage to your wife, which can be detrimental to you in the future. Actually, your attitude and ability to understand the situation will give you an extra advantage over your wife. Even, if you are very observant and have an ability to make any awkward situation in your favor, then it is sure that your marriage life will be saved at all.


It is true that expectation is always high for the woman that sometimes will make a pillar for building any formidable relationship between husband and wife. Actually, if you like to fulfill every expectation for your wife over the times, then you will have to reorient your move in this direction. Moreover, you have to face the music if you stick yourself on the same approaches over the times as well. When you will go for fulfilling her expectation, then if you fulfill her expectation with a little touch of love, then you will win over her.

First night

The first night of you and your wife will tell how you will spend with your wife for the rest of your life. Actually, it is the ultimate parameter for maintaining the conjugal happiness. May be not everybody will believe on this conviction because you will first to make the sexual approach to your wife without making acquaintances with her on your first night. One thing you should remember that the interaction with your new wife would expect from you for a better conversation about her. On your first night engagement with your wife, you should occupy 65% of the total times you spend with her and the rest 35% of the times you can spend for your sexual engagement. As it is a norm that woman is always expected maximum love from her husband and then she will expect the sex. On the opposite side, the man will ask for sex in the first and then conversation. You should never follow this very at all.

Therefore, you can control your wife for the rest of your life, if you give her ample time for understanding her at the first night of her married life. Even, you will see that your conjugal life will be filled with joy and happiness as well.


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