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Demonetization effect on human body

Demonetization effect on human body

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If you are going through cash crunch for maintaining your daily life, then you will never able to run it smoothly. Actually, what happens is that your body and mind will never cooperate properly. It is observed that cash crunch is the primordial scarcity for any human in this world. The reason is that it steers the roller coaster of our livelihood. Moreover, demonetization has a big impact on it for restricting the normal human body functions through its negative effect as well. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that long duration of demonetization effect will jeopardize decision-making ability, surveillance capability, logical deduction and creative imagination in any human. Actually, what happens is that if the demonetization effect stays for more than six months, then human body and mind will start to work in the bouncy manner which will vary from time to time. This type of change will slowly damage human entity.

Irregular sexual activity

The long-term demonetization will develop an irregular sexual appetite. The reason is that it will create stress first. After that for releasing stress, sometimes, human resorts to sexual activity consciously or unconsciously. This kind of emotion sometimes works like a stress buster but it has no long-term positive effect. Rather, you can say that this type of sexual activity is not good for our health.

Irregular appetite

It is observed that demonetization, in the long run, will bring an irregular appetite. The reason is that stress and tension will develop some kind of unwanted food intake on the daily basis. Actually, it happens due to demonetization effect. Practically, demonetization hits on the human mind first and after that, it hits on the other parts of the body as well.

Lower retention ability

Due to long term demonetization, the people will lose its retention ability in considerable amount. Moreover, it will hit severely their life in general. Even, you will observe that the irregular supply of money in your life will make you hold anything for a long time. In this case, your retention ability will decrease in a considerable manner, if the demonetization stays for the long duration.

Blurred vision

One interesting point to observe that demonetization will make your vision blurred to some context. Because constant stress and tension will dislodge foresight. Moreover, you will observe that your visionary function will never work smoothly due to the severe effect of demonetization on the human mind. Actually, money fuels our daily need besides our emotions and also it creates a kind of canopy for our sustenance as well.

Wrong conclusion

The long-term demonetization will never give you a chance to come to a better conclusion on any decision-making execution. It happens due to the constant bombardment in our subconscious mind about the uncertainty of money flow and makes us more vulnerable to our decision-making ability.

Therefore, you will never make your life more comfortable during the demonetization effect and also you will never able to bolster your movement towards the right direction as well. But it is true that demonetization may bring transparency in your economic activity but it will never ameliorate your emotional well being also.

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