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Doing service vs Doing business

Doing service vs Doing business

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It is true that the difference between doing service and doing business is quite understandable. The reason is that they have different polarity and the different influence as well. Actually, doing business builds a person’s character in the wider perspective. It always strikes on the extreme pattern of the human personality. Doing business develops patience, tolerance, foresight, fixed focus, and resolute aim as well. Doing service develops a unique power of bargaining in a human character. This character starts bargaining before any buying activity. Whereas doing business develops the powerful influence of bargaining in a human personality. It starts bargaining after buying the product or delivering services as well. For doing it, you will need extreme powerful planning also. It is observed that when you start bargaining for getting the advantages with minimal effort before buying, then you are going to lose the quantum juice of the long-term credibility as well.


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