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How to face over-qualified mark in job hunting ?

How to face over-qualified mark in job hunting ?

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In the job world, you will see that qualification will give you a unique advantage over the others. Moreover, if you are over qualified, then you will face a peculiar attitude from the human resource department. The reason is that an over-qualified person for a particular post will play a reverse swing against you. When you are an over qualified person for a job, then the human resource department will begin to treat you in the different way. The reason is that psychologically, no HR will like to take the over qualified person for his or her company due to the professional clashing. It is a very much important point; you have to keep in your mind. It is seen that an over qualified person for any job. The reason is that the company will not able to hold it back and it could not stay with the other employees as well as the management.


When you will face the over qualified mark in the job hunting, then you have to keep patience for the time being. The reason is that you have to present yourself in such a way that the HR never designated you as an over qualified candidate for the job as well. Actually, if you show it wisely manner, then you will get the job. Moreover, if you blend yourself with silence, then it will work in the greater proportion as well.


When the HR is comparing you with other competitors, then you should observe it very minutely through your sixth sense. The reason is that it will give many clues, which will be useful for getting a job in the course of time as well. You should never lose your temper when the HR is comparing despite your highly skilled body. However, you should never think that comparison is weakness for your career. Rather, it is a turning point for your career. The reason is that it will take you the next level where nobody will dare to reach before as well.


Just think about the over qualified status in the job arena. The reason is that it will give you a clear vision regarding your future job prospect as well. Practically, if you are intelligent about your qualification, then you will see that you will need some kinds of tuning for your better job prospect also. Moreover, you can update your knowledge on a particular job subject at the regular basis and when you will submit your CV for the job, just mention how you can do your job better than the others can as well.


Keeping better morality is essential virtue for the over qualified person. The reason is that it will help the person to judge him or herself from every prospect as well. When you will find the clue for your over qualified tag, then you are done for getting a job in the job market.

Therefore, the over qualified mark is for the HR’s headache and it is not yours. So keep yourself engage to increase your qualification in the greater proportion. One day you will get the call, which you will be over the moon as well.


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