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How to face a rich when you are a poor?

How to face a rich when you are a poor?

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In our society, the rich and the poor live together. But the influence of rich and poor are quite different. The reason is that the question of the economic barrier comes to our mind first in this regard. Therefore, you will observe that the continuance struggle between the rich and the poor are highly visible in our society today. In this context, the relationship with the rich, the poor have to take it seriously for mitigating the bitter relationship as well. But when the poor face the rich for some interactions, then the rich always like to get the impressive loyalty from the poor also. Practically, you will see that the ignorance from the part of the poor sometimes makes the interactions situation more violent. Therefore, it is better to follow some criteria in this regard.


It is true that the rich always like to get extra loyalty and respect from the poor. The reason is that this kind of expectation will build its power in the society. Moreover, you will see that the poor man’s appreciation about the rich will make their relationship better and also the poor will get much adulation from a rich man as well.


Being loyal is a great virtue in any circumstances. But for the case of the rich and the poor will make it unique. The reason is that the loyalty from the poor has a substantial proud to a rich. Because, they like to expect some loyalty to them for the status.

Eye Contact

Always try to talk to the rich with a constant eye contact. It will build confidence in the rich’s mind. The reason is that regular eye contact will build better confidence in the relationship development which is very much advantageous for the poor in the long run. Practically, this etiquette will build self-confidence in the poor man’s character as well.

Adequate Dress Code

When you are going to meet the rich, you should keep in your mind that they never like shabby dress code. They like simple and clean dress which will immediately attract their attention. Moreover, you will see that accurate dress code will make your interaction more fruitful when you will meet any rich person.

Simple Talking

It is paramount for any poor when he or she will talk to any wealthy person. Because, simple talking etiquette will impress greatly and also it will work in favor of the poor. Moreover, you will see that normal talking gesture will inspire the wealthy person for continuing the long conversation. Practically it happens due to the crystal clear understanding of the conversation as well.

Flexible Gesture

If you are poor, then you should show a flexible gesture to the rich person. It will bolster your chance for getting the extra favor from the rich men. Since, you are from the low economic group of the society, then you should deliver the positive gesture towards the rich when you are looking for some advantages as well.

Moreover, the relationship between the rich and the poor will be developed when the both of them will understand each other well through their physical appearances.


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