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The Flipkart Effect – a flipped coalition

The Flipkart Effect – a flipped coalition

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On 6 October 2014, the date probably any Indian retailer will never forget in his or her lifetime. The reason is that it shows the way to Indian business community how to make the maximum expansion of the customer base within a couple of hours. Actually, it is a unique risk from the gusty dream of Sachin and Binny (Flipkart owners). They know that initially they will lose a big chunk of profit for the sake of huge customer base. Nevertheless, over the times, they will increase their market share in the high proportion. Therefore, they are successful in their risk. Since, it happened on that tumultuous day, the Indian retail market could not digest its flipped movement.

The reason is that the Indian retail community never habituated with this kind of attitude. After all, the Flipkart effect has brought the immense impact of the consumer as well as the business people. Logically speaking, it is the quick way to impress the business community particularly in India. Practically, now Indian business community will follow its way in the course of time. Initially they may be hesitating but the situation will give them a unique insecurity. So that they will compel to increase their customer base by the Flipkart way. For every business, the customer is the key. If you have a handful numbers of customers, then you will able to sell your products through it.

Moreover, you will able to earn a handsome profit from them. The reason is that even the Flipkart effect will not be restricted within the business community. Rather, it will spread all over professional and freelance community as well. Particularly, you will sense that the overall business mentality will be developed in a unique version, which we never imagine before in Indian in recent time. In the Flipkart effect, the maximum beneficiary is the consumers who are always try to save a lot of money by buying their preferred products with a huge discounted price. If you are intelligent, then you will see that the Flipkart effect brought all consumers within a single canopy where there is no economic barrier. It is a great point to ponder where you can strike your senses as well. Moreover, you can say it as a flipped coalition of the Indian consumers and business community. It is good sign for the Indian economy. Honestly speaking, you have to wait for another one year to see its impact in Indian business world.


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