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How to give special preference to your child (Part-2)?

How to give special preference to your child (Part-2)?

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Second Child

In a family, the second child is quiet contradictory one. The reason is that if the family consists of two children, then the second or younger child is bad or good for the family. Moreover, you will see that if the second or younger child does not get a proper care and love, then the youngster can be a burden for the parent as well. In this case, caution should be taken when you are going top brought up your second child.

It is more relevant when you have two children, then the second child will make more attention to the family. Genetically, this offspring is highly volatile and highly dangerous if you could not tackle him or her well. Another point you have to know that the second child is born for taking advantages if he or she is born in the two-child family.

It is inevitable to claim its right at any cost from her or him parents. It is also observed that this attitude make his or her family into trouble as well. In this youngster, material intelligence is very much high which is detrimental to his or her life in the course of time. For the marital life, this offspring will have bitter martial happiness in his or her life.

Third Child

This child is rather kind in her or his heart. Moreover, this child never wants to integrity of the family harmony. When turmoil suddenly comes to the surface in the family matter, then this child immediately, take the initiative for solving this problem quickly. Moreover, you will watch that this offspring will put together all the members of his or her family under one roof.

Therefore, that he or she can tell the real problem to all family members. Technically speaking, the third youngster is unique possessing the blending of kindness, caring and responsibility. This child will never give any wrong advice to the family. Rather, if he or she thinks that he or she could not solve the problem, then this child will hand over the final verdict to the eldest offspring of the family as well. The marriage life of this youngster will be successful because his or her expectation from life is very little and he or she is happy with his or her own resources as well.

Fourth Child

This child always annoys the family members. The reason is that he or she is the youngest child of a four-child family. Therefore, this child will like to take extra favor from the family members particularly eldest members. Even, you will see that this child will attach himself or herself close to eldest members of his or her family. As far as the talent is concerned, you will observe that this youngster will have unique talent, which is rarely available in other children of the family. Therefore, the parents of the family most of the times misunderstood his or her potential. Therefore, the child has a joyful mind as well as he or she is very much emotional as well.


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