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How to give special preference to your child?

How to give special preference to your child?

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A family is a bead of genetic jewels. The members of the family play a key role for maintaining the genetic harmony through its members. Therefore, in this matter, you can explain the importance of family members in an elaborate manner. Practically, you will see that every member of the family has a different entity in the family. Mainly when you are thinking about the children, you will observe that not every child in a family achieves a high respect and love from his or her parents. Honestly speaking, there is a point to think about it. The point is that how the family will gives its preference to its youth members.

First Child

In a family, the first child has a significant impact on his or her family. Practically, the whole family imbibes with its first child. The reason is that when the first child is born in a family, then the expectation gets its momentum at an alarming rate. Therefore, genetically, this child has a unique blessing from his or her parents. In a first child, all genetic conformity is found in a high proportion. It happens due to total involvement of sexual commitments. It is observed that their extreme ideals and expectations are programmed in their gene after their first marital night. You will see that first copulation between mother and father will make a way for pouring the pure genetic ingredients into their first offspring. If you compare the first child with the other children in the family, then you will see that the first child is uniquely talented and has a better personality in him or her.

Mainly, you will observe that the first child of a family will have a highly sacrificial capacity than other family children. The reason is that the maximum level of generosity and forgiveness are developed in the first offspring of parents. Another way you will see that the eldest child of a couple will make a difference in a family decision. The reason is that the first child has a unique ability to guide his or her parents without any mistake. Mostly you will see that the eldest child of a family oozes some respect among the family members. Therefore, they never ignore his or her proposition for a solution. It is observed that the gender effect on the eldest child is highly influential. The reason is that the real meaning of an eldest child is to guide the family through sacrifice, decision and caring. In this context, the eldest male child has a better position in decision-making sector that is highly commendable in the most of family cases.

In the case of female eldest child of a family, you will note that female eldest child has a greater advantage in caring segment of the family. Because, the female eldest child takes the center stage in this matter. Another point is that when the family consists of two children, then the eldest child takes a pivotal role in the family character building. If you are intelligent enough, then you will see that the younger child of two-child family will almost emotionally and psychologically depend on the eldest child. Therefore, it is very much normal for a younger child to follow the elder child’s footstep as well.

From the point of view of family, the eldest male child will have a greater influence on all the family members. The reason is that the eldest child is uniquely a high genetic offspring who have enigmatic care and sacrifice for her or his family. It is also true that they also bring hard luck in their life. Most of the cases, it is seen that their ultimate ending never finish well. It is their destiny. The main reason is that they actually carry the curse and burdens of the family in their shoulder always. Nevertheless, their children are uniquely versatile and shine through their legacy. As far as talent is concerned, this child always underestimates his or her talent through his or her sacrificial attitude. Therefore, the first child is born for sacrifice and his or her life is sorrowful always someway. Even, the most of family members do not understand the first child. So that they think that his or her sacrificial attitude as a weakness. Therefore, the first child faces the premature death or unconditional humiliation from the family members as well.

Another point you have to know that the first child has an extreme temperament to hold pressure and insulting. Particularly, it is visible in the male first child of a family. If she is female, then the intensity of holding will be lower. Another point you have to keep in your5 mind that you will see that the eldest child is very much sharp and sensible than other children in a family. It is highly toxic if any evil deed is happening in his or her family, then he or she will immediately tell to his or her parents. It is observed that the eldest child has a powerful sixth sense, which makes the family more secure from any danger.


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