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How does handwriting analysis tell about your career?

How does handwriting analysis tell about your career?

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When we do type our thought on the computer screen, then our mind works on the simplicity of the keyboard seriously. The reason is that the keyboard minimizes our physical writing on a white paper. When you do write on paper with a pen, then your hand muscle will works rigorously and make your mind more active. In the semi-physical writing state through keyboard, will reduce the frequency of the muscle burning. Therefore, your calorie burning decreases and make you more comfortable.

In this context, you will never able to disclose your personality through your writing. Rather, your fully physical writing on paper with a pen will reduce the full potential about your personality revelation. Therefore, nobody will able to know your secret potential for your development. Even, you will never know how much you will have a good personality as well. When you will know about your character clearly, then you will able to make a decision about your career also. It is observed that a better personality develops a better career as well.


Slant in handwriting indicates inner side of the character. For career perspective, the slant of your handwriting is very much necessary. Because it will give you an initial indication about your exterior being. It is true that if handwriting has a right-sided slant, then you are open, extrovert, good decision making ability, imaginative power and also sound business acumen as well. But if handwriting has a left-sided slant, then you are introvert, having little diverse mentality and also restricted  thinking. So for every career, the right-sided slant writing brings the better career prospect. One interesting point to remember that the right-sloped handwriting will make a real boss whereas the left-sloped handwriting will make an egocentric and irritating boss.


Pressure in writing shows physical strength of personality. If your writing is thick, then you will have a well-balanced personality with decisiveness, responsibility, ambition and strong will power. But when your writing is thin, then you will have a sharp mind with intellectual creativity as well. Even, the thin writing will show cultural refinement in you with the intelligence, sensitivity also. For the need of the job, you will need a blend of pressure in various proportion. So that you will able to achieve success also.


The form of your writing will designate your potential in a unique perspective. The reason is that round, angular and garland shape in writing will give you a better search in a personality. Moreover, form in writing show your creative side of your character. As far as my experience is concerned, the round shape in any writing gives a pleasing look in character.


Flow in handwriting means the communication ability of personality. It has a unique manifestation of the inter-personal relationship. Actually, flow in handwriting has a different proposition. If writing is slow, then it will indicate that the character is lazy and slow to take the decision also. The fast writing means that the writer is quick in his or her thinking and decision making as well.

Therefore, your handwriting is the gateway to your career when your personality is the prime concern. If your character shows the right criteria foe a better career prospect, then you will have a greater chance for success. So my recommendation is that at least for the sake of your career, you should check he handwriting analysis under the guidance of a handwriting expert. Therefore, you will able to build an excellent career as well.


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