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How fake news devastates the social norms ?

How fake news devastates the social norms ?

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Recent, we are getting the glimpse of fake news around us. It is happening due to the power of fun at the first sight. But if you get into the core of it, then you will see that it has a deeper obligation to spread this kind of news over the internet. The reason is that the creator of the fake news may be primarily focused on fun. But in the reality, it is a kind of ambush marketing of some secret message through this news form. Actually, what happens is that the main purpose of the fake news is to target on one object or identity secretly. Therefore, if it completes its target, then it will work silently without intimidation any ethical values.

Therefore, initially, you will never find any secret intention in it as well. When, once, the fake news gets its first reader, then it will immediately spread from one person to another person in such a way that it ultimately reaches out to the targeted identity. In this way, this kind of news brings unwanted irritation in the social norms. The reason is that a fake news spreads quickly without any barrier. Because its funny canopy attracts immediately the reader’s attention and gets into the act as well. One thing you should keep in your mind that the fake news penetrates through any medium like financial, spiritual and other mediums. Therefore, you will never restrict its direction according to your liking as well.


The prime focus of the fake news is fun and its immense power. Actually, what happens is that fun sometimes works wonderfully, if it hits its target rightly. But if it fails to hit its target, then it will bring devastation to the human mind. Practically, you will see that sometimes this kind of news develops the unwanted displeasure in the mind of the people who are not accustomed to this news form. Basically, it creates short-term interest on the mind of the people and after that, it goes into oblivion quickly. But its short lifespan can etch out doubtful impression on the people’s mind as well.


The fake news has the various side effects. But misunderstanding is one of the most powerful side effects which can bring huge negative impact on the people. The main reason is that fake news develops the misunderstanding on the ground of believable and unbelievable situation. It always takes a toll on the serene mind also. In this case, if you are more prone to the fake news, then you get into the disbelief situation in your daily life. In the long run, it may cost your life as well.

Ambush Marketing

Fake news is a good example of ambush marketing. The reason is that it does marketing for any belief or entity in such a way that it can carry the message quickly to the target. But it is also observed that this kind of marketing comes out of a sudden and it compels the people to believe it convincingly as well. Sometimes it works and faces the consequences also.

Unjust wave

When a fake news born, then immediately it develops an unjust wave around the social circle. Therefore, anybody can get into it without judging its believable power. Moreover, we take it as a fun and also it somehow confuses our own conviction to some extent. But, once when it gets deep into our mind, then we begin to believe it also.

But it is true that any fake news is funny but it has deeper penetration into our mind with its mischievous purpose. Therefore, you should never get into this business when you are quite intelligent in your own term as well.

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