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How India’s North-East region will be lived more blissfully?

How India’s North-East region will be lived more blissfully?

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If you look at India’s development map, then you will see that the North-East region is not developed so much as compared to the other regions of India. The reason is that this region has lack of natural bliss due to the paucity of lakes and reservoirs as well. It is observed that the source of the water in the home or in the open field are always absorbed the negative energy from its surroundings. But the lack of vast water sources at the regular interval in this region draws the attention for immediate water storage management. Actually, nature deprives the people of the region for having a vast water source like water lake in their geographical environment. If nature deprives it but the modern technology will provide it with grace.

But somehow it is not available in the region over the years. You may think that the lack of vast water resource in the region is not an important issue. But according to the Indian occult, a water body in the North-East direction always develops the positive energy which is very much essential for the development of sound body and mind of its people as well. It is observed that without the ample of natural water in the geographical environments gives the negative impact on its economy, social relationship, skill development and emotional equilibrium as well. Therefore, the people of the region will suffer in the long run also.

As we know that a civilization is always shone under the influence of water resources. But without water, the decent life is impossible in any form. Actually, what happens is that water is the constant source of formidable life over the years for our human civilization. Moreover, it is the ceaseless potion for our existence as well. If there is any man-made reservoir or lake in this region, then it will bring enormous mental bliss and happiness among its people. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that you should make the water body in the round or square formation. Otherwise, it will create poison arrow if it gets in the rectangular form.

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