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How to control the rape events ?

How to control the rape events ?

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In recent times, the numbers of the rape events are happening in the alarming rate. So, for minimizing these happenings can be controlled through a series of ways. Moreover, you can make it happen through your intelligence and application. Since, the society should understand these ways very well. The reason is that some ways can be disturbing for the society. But, for the benefits of the weaker sections of the society, you have to accept it without any hesitation.

Sex kiosk

It is a kind of room which will control the spreading of the rape menace in our society. In this kiosk, it will be attended by one attendant and also it will provide the information about the decent sexual behavior of human in our society. Even, this kiosk will provide the real time sexual experience through the visitor’s own partner. Moreover, any person can do the sexual activity in the kiosk. From the point of view of the rapists, they born out of the constant illusion about sexual fulfillment in their life. If they get the chance to do sex with a partner, then in course of time, they cannot be a rapist at all. Actually, the non-fulfillment of success in life and ignorance about life’s low make a sexually unsatisfied person into a rapist. Because, the physical and mental backlog will increase the chance of becoming a rapist for any person. So, in this direction, you will need to get the education and practical experience. Moreover, the sex kiosk will monitor the mental and physical aptitude of the person who is doing sexual activity in the kiosk. In our society, we cannot keep watch on every person, but we can keep watch on some person. So, in this way, we can able to control the rape rampant in our society.

Nudism therapy

In our society, nudism is a taboo. But, it is practiced more that a thousand years. For controlling the rape menace, this taboo can help in this matter. The reason is that the nudism can be practiced in personal or group use. For the rapist, the group nudism will come handy in this direction. Actually, for the rehabilitation purpose, the rapist should be sent to the Naturist Center where the rapist will live with a group of naked inmates in the stipulated period of time. Here, the nudism will work as a protective venom for the destruction of the rapist’s venomous mind. The process of nudism therapy will work in such a way that the rapist could not show his sexual urge. Initially, the rapist can react directly with the naked female inmates. But, with the protective shield for the female inmates, it will control his sexual urge.

Male hormone controller

When we control the male hormone in excessive amount in our body, then we can prevent our excessive sexual urge automatic. At the puberty, when we can measure the amount of male hormone secretion, then we can ascertain that how much amount will be dangerous for the excessive sexual urge. If we find the amount is above the restricted level, then we can advise our teenager to take the male hormone controller concentrate with the water. It will minimize the chances of becoming a rapist’s personality in our society.

Biological clock

If we control our body’s biological clock in a precise manner, then we can control the rape mechanism in the course of time. Actually, we have to understand it very well, before we induct in our life. Controlling the biological clock in our body will deter the rape menace in the wider perspective.

Social encapsulation

For preventing the rape menace, we should use the social encapsulation for our society. Actually, it should be working as hiding the character anomaly and behavior from the general people of the society. Once, if you detect some excessive sexual tendency in a person, then you should immediately encapsulate the person and immediately start his treatment. Once , the medication starts , then there will be a little chance of fear about it.

Therefore, you can control the rape events in our society, if you are more wise and intelligent. Moreover, you have to be more cautious and skilled one as well.


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