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How to cope with rejection ?

How to cope with rejection ?

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Rejection is the self-humiliating feeling. But if we do not take the rejection seriously, then we can survive a lot of misappropriations in our life as well. Logically speaking, rejection gives us a warning note about our present situation, so, if we can rectify it in order to make our life more meaningful, than digesting rejection will be easy for us.


When you will get a rejection for any reason which you are not expected, then you should call it by giving a smile. But giving a smile is very difficult for anybody at this juncture. Moreover, you have to do it without any hesitation. Actually, if you receive a rejection in your heart, then it will tear you apart and you will face very difficult to get rid of it as well. When you will smile after getting a rejection, you just think about the moment when you receive the rejection. You will see that your body and mind are not working accordingly. So in this connection, you have to smile for the time being as it will release your mental pressure and stress as well.


When you know that the reason of the rejection, then your mind will work accordingly. But when you don’t know the reason for the rejection, then your mind will not able to work accordingly. Rather, it will submerge your feeling in such a way that you could not come out from it. But in reality, you have to come out from when it happens. Basically, you have to solace your mind as if you already know that it will be happening.


When you have already decided to receive it that it is happening like any other life mishap. So you have to cope it with your ability. Actually, you have to win over it, so that it can destroy of delimiting your skill to a lower level. It is observed that if you accept any mishap in an easy way, then you can make yourself in the later stage of your life as well.

Therefore, the rejection will come and go, but your mind will be there for the long time. So it is your duty to protect it from further damage and live with it in a happy note.


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