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How to deal with begging ?

How to deal with begging ?

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When we are born, we have to depend on someone or something. So, there is a kind of dependency arises. It is based on the a kind of begging. We are human and also begs always for our life existence whatever may be. It is interesting to see that the begging in the general term, it looks odd but in the real term, it looks a heavy weight. First, you have to know the different kinds of begging which only brings the happiness and purposefulness for our life.

By physical

The physical begging is for the conventional begging which asking for the alms from the people for surviving. This begging is a social scar. The reason is that it has a negative impact on the society due to the uneven distribution of wealth among the people. We can rectify this kind of begging through our social planning as well. But never eradicate it completely. So, helping a beggar is a virtue as well as vice. Because, it is a virtue due to the humanity point of view. But, it is a vice due to the economical view.

By mental

When we are looking for love or sympathy for the others, we are actually asking these emotions as beg. Here, the begging works like a prayer, so you have to understand it well. Actually, the mental begging will bolster our relationship which is very much essential for our life as well. The mental begging makes the man more understandable and cooperative. Since, it is a way to see our relationship power in the wider perspective.

By spiritual

The spiritual begging is not for the general people. The reason is that the spiritual begging is only for the sages as they will ask the favor for attaining their spiritual development from God. So, their approach regarding this kind of begging is complex and difficult to understand for the general people as well.

Therefore, the begging will not only shape your relationship but also your life as well.


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