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How to deal with your caricature ?

How to deal with your caricature ?

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A caricature is the good example of the reverse side of a personality. Actually, it is a good rule for any personality rectification. Moreover, if any caricature is created on your personality, then you will think that something is going wrong against your work or you may never understand about your present working style. If you do wrong anything in your working style , then it will dictate it and you will able to rectify it if you like. You should know that a caricature never creates on the positive side of a personality, rather it creates on the negative side of a personality.


The main purpose of the caricature is to point out the negative sign of your action or personality in such a way that you can rectify it with gracefully as well. Actually, if you take this caricature positively, then you will enjoy it as well. Moreover, you will able to look at your working procedure and find the ways for solving your drawbacks in the positive ways.


Actually, the acceptance of your caricature fully depends on your attitude. How you will apply it according to your attitude will totally work when you will understand it well. If you have a positive attitude and you are well aware about is, then you will able to accept your caricature. Since, the right attitude will encourage the positive outcome from the caricature deployment. But, if the negative attitude shows its power, then it will become a revengeful one which will detrimental to creator and the users as well.


When your caricature is being shared around your community, then you should show some gut in such a way that you will never like to hide your weakness ,rather you will like to take your weakness as a fun. You should remember that if your weakness brings some smiles on others face, then your weakness transforms into a true virtue which will give you a great return in the course of time. Never try to hide your weakness , rather it will make you a great but not mean.

Therefore, taking caricature in your favor is daunting task, so not everybody like to agree it. But, if you can do it, then you will be a successful one and also respected as well.


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