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How to lead a single life ?

How to lead a single life ?

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Being single is a kind of social inhibition. The reason is that the society never likes to live any person as an unmarried. Rather, the society likes to see that everybody should be married as well. However, it is said that birth, death and marriage are made in heaven. Therefore, if you like to marry, then you could not marry unless God proposes as well. Therefore, being single is only option for the unmarried person as it will steer you to a better life if you like to live alone.


When you will get the freedom in your life, then your vision towards life will be changed forever. The reason is that human strives for freedom after the birth and the human searches it through its living period as well. However, when the freedom is at stake, the human become violent and make the things more vulnerable as well. Moreover, freedom for single person will make his or her more controlled and have many of the choice options as well. Therefore, freedom will give you a lot of freethinking and free accomplishment. Since, freedom will encourage the individual to do according to his or her will. It is a boon to the self-realization as well.


As a single person, you will need a secure stature for your living. Moreover, your security is crucial throughout your life as a single person. If you think that you will no need for security, then you will do wrong. Moreover, your conversion point of the enjoyment into a free life, you will need security as well. Actually, you will need security to make your life more free and secure as well.


As a single person, the intensity of being single hood will increase the importance of cooperation. The reason is that the cooperation in our life will justify the single hood purpose. Because, it will increase the social commitment and participation in such a way that a single life can lead a comfortable living. Moreover, the single life will have more options for the cooperation in the social activities. Therefore, a single life can lead a decent life without having any life partner.


When you are a single person, then you will get more time to explore the other side of your life, which was still unavailable in your childhood as well. Since, the versatile ability in the single person will increase in the bigger way. The reason is that the single hood will open the opportunities in your way when you are unmarried. Moreover, you can explore your dreams throughout the rest of your life. Even, you will able to live a greater life as well.

Therefore, you should know that being single is not a curse; rather it is a kind of way which will lead you a spectacular lifestyle and enjoy your life in the fullest form.

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