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How to use sexual power for your career development ?

How to use sexual power for your career development ?

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Humane has a great tool as sex. But this tool is very much powerful and highly underestimated. If you think that sex is only for the pleasure and procreation purpose, then you will do wrong. Moreover, it has a unique blend of performance and pleasure. We are human who always use it for the pleasure. But if we think to use for performance enhancement, then we will able to make ourselves more competitive and successful in our endeavours as well. So in this direction, you can expect some career boosting performance from the sexual power. Actually, the application of the sexual power lies on the mental acceptance and self-control. So you can take your career to the higher limit by using the sexual power.

For every job seeker, the interview is the prime obstacle. But if you apply your sexual power well in advance in the right way then you will overcome this obstacle very easily. Before applying your sexual power during the interview, you have to prepare yourself well. In this regard, you have to stay away from any sexual intercourse at least one week before the date of the interview. The reason is that your sexual power will be stored for one week which will give you the full support against any hard question situation. Because, at the time steep interrogation, your stored sexual power gave you a total protection from any type of tension or nervousness. Particularly, you will feel that your hands are sweating or you are feeling uneasy before the interview board.

In this case, your stored sexual power will increase tolerance, imaginative power, memory retention and sharp intellect. Moreover, your personality will give a sharp identity on the front of the interview board members. If you stay away from any sexual activity during the interview phase, then you will achieve an extra mileage for getting your job. For any career development, you have to build the robust relationship with your peers. Moreover, your sexual power will help you in building your relationship. Actually, the relationship building depends on how you will use the sexual power. Logically speaking that our relationship is built on our mood and the right partner selection. So if you are in your office, then you have to make a good relationship with your colleagues.

So in this direction, if you use your sexual power in the right direction, then you will make it easily. When you are going to attend an important meeting with your boss, then you should not wank or any sexual act before. If you do it, then you may loss your attention or cannot follow the important points of the discussion as well. So you have to be careful in this matter. Another point you should keep in your mind that you should take a glass of water before attending your meeting. Because, it will keep your sexual hormone working in your body smoothly. Actually, the water will carry the sexual hormone in your brain and then it will work all over your body. So spontaneity, coordination and attention will work wonderfully in this direction.


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