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How you will be successful in online shopping?

How you will be successful in online shopping?

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When you are decided to buy products on the online portals, then you should know that online shopping is based on trust, confidence and commitment. Therefore, your responsibility is to play safe and secure in your new shopping environment as well. Normally, you will see that online shopping is a kind of trust building initiative. Because it will help you to understand your social interaction power on the large scale. Even, your communication ability will be sharpened when you wisely apply your skill on the online shopping.

The reason is that you have to trust your online sales clerk immediately when you are going to begin any financial transaction. Moreover, it is observed that any online shopping portal will judge its customers through its first impression and its first financial etiquette as well. The reason is that they will immediately designate you as a loyal customer when you will fulfill the required principles of the designated portal. One thing you should keep in your mind that once you paid the money for purchasing products from the online portals and sit idle as you are expecting that you will have no duty to complete your deal with the designated online portal.

Nevertheless, you are wrong in your conviction. Because you have to attach yourself  through the process until it is completed. After that, it will be a successful online shopping.

Sign Up

When you are going to sign up an online shopping portal for the first time, then you should check the portal website extensively through its product catalog and policy. So that in the future, you can communicate with the designated online website well when any problem arises. It is true that we, most of the first time online shoppers never read its policy well and there after we face the consequences as well. So first, you should read the portal policy elaborately before you start your journey into the online shopping.

You should remember that you should never sign up not more than three online shopping websites, which will be enough for any Indian as well. Always try to sign up any online portal with HTTPS tag. It will make your online transaction more secure and worry less.

First Purchase

Your first purchase from the online shopping should be done through a credit card or debit card. It will make a huge difference in the course of time when you will be used to shop online regularly. Primarily, the online shopping portal will treat with a great care and the services, which you will get more securely. When you will buy a product from any online shopping website, then the website will take the whole responsibility of your financial transaction security and they are liable to you as well. Practically, the online websites will have huge responsibility to protect you from any fraud also.


It is very much important for the online shopper after completing shopping and put feedback to the respective sellers. Because, it will give the sellers a vital credibility point for the designated online website for better services also. Moreover, when you will regularly put feedback in your online portal, then you will also get a valuable customer tag, which will give you a ceaseless service and smooth transaction over there. It is an essential etiquette for any online shopper.


Every online shopping website has pros and cons. Therefore, in this direction, you should be careful. Because you have to check well all features of the particular online portal which you like to use for shopping. Generally, you will see that some features may not work for your buying habits and you may feel difficult to understand their rules and regulations. After that, you have to decide which one will satisfy your need.


It is vital for your online transaction. Since, during the peak hour of the day is very busy for the most of the daily chores. Therefore, between 10 AM – 1 PM is the best time for any online shopping experience. It has a definite meaning of this particular timing slot. The reason is that for your safety and security, everybody on the internet is active and has watchful eyes on everybody’s activities on the internet. Therefore, there will be less chance of outside attacks on your online transaction as well.

It is a norm for the evils for generating attack when everybody sleeps. When everybody awake, then your online activity will be smooth and secure. May be it can be slower than the off peak time. Still, it is a good choice for shopping at that time.


If you like to be a serious online shopper, then you should go for the mobile platform. The reason is that it will give you a unique combination of comfort and security. Practically, mobile platform is more secure that the desktop platform. The reason is that you will get the maximum protection from phishing and fraud. In the mobile platform, you will get robust operating system like Android and iOS. They are highly sensitive towards any cyber-attack and misuse as well.

If you think about the mobile OS, then you will see that these operating systems are built on a very complex architecture and infrastructure. So that in this case, you will be fully protected from the online attack.


Never delay to file your grievance with your online portal. Because it may deter you for solving your problem. Generally, you should file your complain within 24 hours since the problem occurs. It is observed that it will make the respective representative will able to find your problem quickly without any delay. Another point you should keep in your mind that patience is a key for a successful online transaction. For online shopping, you should have a lot of patience. Otherwise, you will get yourself into a big trouble as well.

Credit Card

For online buying, you should always use your credit card. Because, it will give you total protection from outside attack. Generally, credit card works quite differently than the debit card. Once you do transact with the online website, then you actually buying the product in credit. So no money will be debited from your bank account. Therefore, if any financial anomaly occurs during your transaction, then you can immediately stop the payment through your bank. However, in the case of debit card, you could not able to do it. The reason is that once you buy product through your debit card, then your money will be debited from your bank account instantly. Therefore, there will be no chance for you to stop payment in case any problem arises as well.

Authentic Information

For online shopping, you should maintain your authenticity. Because it will create your credibility on the online shopping community. Once you are committed to this principle, then you can prevent any unwanted complication from the future. You should never underestimate its power when you face any legal complication.

Non-stop Connection

For a successful online shopping, you will require non-stop internet connection. Therefore, you will able to do shopping as you wish. Always try to do shopping on your mobile or smart phone. It will give you extra mileage in the case of speed. Practically, mobile is faster with any internet connection than desktop version. It happens due to the technology of mobile operating systems also. If you have an unlimited broadband or mobile connection, then you should use broadband bandwidth due to its low cost.

Minimum Online Exposure

You should stick yourself maximum three online shopping portals for purchasing. It will give you an extra control over your spending as well as security. More exposure, more vulnerability. Therefore, you should keep it in your mind.

Therefore, online shopping will make you happy and infectious in your social surrounding, when you will able to use your skill, patience and trust wisely.

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