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How you will bypass your opportunity to someone ?

How you will bypass your opportunity to someone ?

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In this world, there are a few people who pass their opportunity to someone. It is a great virtue which is very much rare in this present time. But, still there are some people who are working silently by bypassing their opportunity to someone who needs most. Never mind that if you bypass your opportunity to someone, you will lose the opportunity which will never come back. Rather, this conviction is wrong. The reason is that bypassing the opportunity will never you poor, rather you will be rich in the course of time without your knowledge. It is called the secret blessing which is very much essential for our life progress. Actually, this blessing will come from the person whom you bypass your opportunity. If you think deep in your mind, then you will feel that some peace waves are running in your mind and it is also composed as well. But, not everybody will get this rare opportunity in their life for doing it. Rather, God gives it to some fortunate people who have a great heart. Still, if you have no great heart, you can do it once and get the result happening in the real time.

By sacrificing

You can sacrifice your opportunity for someone. But, you have to do it when you will think it that it is necessary to give the opportunity which is most required for the person for his or her better life. Actually, you will never know when you will get the result for your sacrifice. Moreover, you have to wait for sometime. It is sure that you will get it in time.

By generosity

If God gives you a big heart, then you can try this one. At least once in your life time, you can try it. The result will be return back to you in disguise. Moreover, you have to find it through your intelligence. Generally, the trait of generosity in a personality, comes from the heredity. So, not everybody will have it.

By love

You can pass your opportunity to someone you love is a natural thing. So, there is no hesitation or doubt about it. Moreover, you will do deliberately more often than before when you love someone deeply. This opportunity can be in any form to any person you love. It can be pet, human, object and anything which has an existence in this world as well.

By talent

You can do it by talent swapping. It means that you can replace your talent opportunity with a new talent. Actually, this kind of opportunity works when you are doing a research job in a company but your talent does not compete with your skill. Then you can bypass a new talent who are more powerful than your ability. In this way, you give your way to someone who are more competent than you for the betterment of the society as well.

Therefore, by passing your opportunity to the someone, you will able to show your greatness and also you will able to make a name for yourself among your peers.


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