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IKEA’s successful Indian journey

IKEA’s successful Indian journey

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When you are thinking about buying ready-made furniture from the offline shop, then you will definitely be looking for a well-known brand, IKEA. Actually, what happens is that IKEA manufactures the furniture for the people’s need for comfort, affordability, and portability. Therefore, IKEA always gives thrust on the people’s emotion. The reason is that when we are going to buy a product from a shop, then we very much use our emotion ahead of our brain as well. Practically, we always give importance to our emotion during our product selection procedure. It happens due to our emotional intelligence as well.

Generally, any kind of furniture belongs to the geometric principle. Moreover, it creates a long geometric vibration on the people’s mind as well. For the case of Indian, they like to possess the rectangular form in their furniture possession. Moreover, you will find that it is found in their blood for loving rectangular formation. It is true that most of the Indian houses are in the rectangular or square formation. Therefore, IKEA furniture is also built on this geometric formation also.

Geometric Pattern

You should have watched that IKEA furniture is made on the geometric principle. The reason is that any geometric formation is very much easy to penetrate in the human mind. So, it helps the people to select its product easily as well. Another point you have to ponder that any geometric form works like a soothing balm for a wounded soul also. The reason is that the geometric pattern always makes our mind to respond according to its principles. As far as IKEA furniture is concerned, it builds its furniture in the geometric shapes which are as far as human body shape. Moreover, we can say that human body shapes are in the different categories like rectangular, diamond, round, triangle, hourglass and other shapes. But one thing is sure that every geometric shape has a positive vibration on the human mind and body as well. The reason is that it oozes similar vibration from each other’s sides also.

If you think about the Indian population about their body shapes, then you should keep in your mind that the most of the Indian people have a rectangular body shape. Therefore, you can expect that the furniture shape from IKEA will definitely attract the Indian buyers as well. It is observed that similar forms always invite its counterpart also. Overall, you will see that IKEA furniture shapes are most of the rectangle shape and others are in round & others shapes. One thing you will find that in its every furniture which doesn’t have any sharp edge. The reason is that any sharp edge always develops a poison arrow which emits the negative vibration all around. This kind of effect will jeopardize the selection of furniture and its purchasing decision as well.

Color Harmony

If you think about the color of IKEA furniture, then you will find that an intelligent color harmony is applied in its furniture shapes. Moreover, you will feel that light and non-contrast colors have been used in its furniture world due to inculcate the calmness and togetherness of same minds. For the Indian people, the color harmony has a different interpretation in its geographical presence. It means that you will find the different color choices for the Indian people in urban and rural areas. The reason is that the living standard quite from each other. Generally, urban Indian prefers light color with the white presence in their color selection. But in the rural area, you will find high contrast colors as their color choice. It is observed that IKEA uses very rare high contrast color for its furniture family. Initially, IKEA will impress the urban Indian population and then it will bolster the rural Indian family as well.


If you look at the IKEA furniture set, then you will find that everywhere symmetry is visible in the set. You should know that when you are going to sell your product to any Indian buyer, then he or she will first notice its symmetry in his or her product selection. Generally, they put first importance to form, color and symmetry as well. After that, they will complete their final selection after judging its price and affordability.

Practically, IKEA’s geometric shape, color harmony, symmetry, and affordability will steer their bold presence in the Indian consumer market. Even, they will stay here long as far as possible.

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