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Some important ready reckoner for Samsung

Some important ready reckoner for Samsung

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In my family and friend circle, everybody knows me as a Samsung fan. Actually, I always like to adorn my daily life with Samsung products. Particularly, I love Samsung brand and its topographical logo which is very much conducive to myself. Overall, I am satisfied with 100 percentage mark with the most of its segments like Television, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine and others, but in the mobile segment, still, I am not fully satisfied. The reason is that the way Samsung is handling the mobile segment, which is not very much conducive to Samsung and its customers as well. When you are going to buy a Samsung mobile phone, then you will have weakness on its crisp display and scintillating visual appealing as well.

But when you get into its features, then you will see the same features over the mobile phone production line is appearing every time a new model is launched. Samsung always thinks that first mobile phone should be Samsung but they have no intention for the second mobile phone for the mobile users. The reason is that Samsung always thinks about its business like the setup in its all brands for the business executive. But in the reality, the maximum numbers of Samsung mobile users are the younger generation and middle-aged people. Because of they always like Samsung for its brand value and aesthetics. One interesting point to tell you that by keeping the brilliant display with aesthetics, Samsung invites the unnecessary pressure on its battery functions as well.

Even, we are getting some high-end mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is getting exploding its battery. Actually, the problem lies in the basic conception of power generation and power dissipation. It happens due to excessive power demand during the highly visual activities. In this case, somehow the hardware and the battery is not working synchronously as well. Another point about Samsung is that they never like to use any third party application on their mobile phone which is irrelevant at this time. Because the people are always looking for the new things which can get from any direction. In this context, I will say that Samsung has a traditional mindset in this matter. They have to break this jinx at any cost.

Another thing you will observe that Samsung adds the default features in its most of the mobile phones from the high-end to mid-range. But if you compare this from other mobile phone brands like Chinese made, then you will see they always market their mobile phone as a camera phone but Samsung always markets its mobile phone as a smartphone. It seems ridiculous to me. Samsung should keep in their mind that its maximum sales come from the mid-range mobile phone which actually indicates the middle-class section of our society. Therefore, the middle-class society always like photography, visual display, voice call and internet facility.

But Samsung fails to give additional fillips to its camera segment where a big section of the mobile buyers stays away from Samsung and goes to the other brands like Chinese-made Oppo, Gionee, Vivo, and Xiaomi as well. Honestly speaking, their camera extravaganza is brilliant for any younger mind and Samsung is far from it in this context. But one thing is sure that if Samsung has good ears, then it should go with the people’s mind and expectation. Moreover, now Samsung needs more open and clearer interpretation for the mobile segment. If it is urgently needed, then bring the bright new faces in its management who can get Samsung out from this situation also.

But one thing is sure that more you interact with your people, more your problems will be solved and you will have a smooth pathway in the front of you as well.

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