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India always produces great employees but not innovators

India always produces great employees but not innovators

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Can you tell me how an employee is born? You may have a restricted vision towards its answer. The reason is that an employee will born when he or she will like to find security and protection in his or her livelihood. It is a natural instinct for every modern man to become an employee first and then employer later. Nevertheless, for the case of India, it is told that you should be employee first and forever. Therefore, you should not take risk in your life for the sake of security and protection.

However, if you are wise in your conviction, then you will see that security and protection will give you financial stability and stable livelihood at the time of adversity. Nevertheless, you will never step forward towards innovation ladder. The reason is that the innovation ladder is very much uncertain, insecure and risky which you can fall at any time. Actually, your confidence level will be low for innovation purpose. However, you will have enough confidence for working as an employee as well. Therefore, the atmosphere for employee making should be conducive also.

Practically, India is the place where the good employees are making and it has a great infrastructure as well. If you delve deep into this matter, then you will see that Indian family infrastructure and atmosphere instigates to be an employee at any cost. Most of the time the dream of innovators never come to their mind. It is true that they are guide-less towards innovation from the very beginning of their career hunting.

Actually, at the early stage of their career, they have a big idea about to get the primary degree in India and leave India for higher study in a foreign soil. This kind of disease actually gives benefit to them personally but never bolsters India at all. Actually, they like to be employee in their heart honestly and never try anything to do anything, which will designate them as innovators for all time as well. If you look at the western mind, then you will see that they always try to do things in the different ways.

It happens due to their positive pairing mechanism. Nevertheless, the maximum potential exists in India for having negative pairing mechanism in its system. If you take any Indian food, then you will find that the taste of the food is somehow spicy and hot. It is happened due to the negative pairing of the spices of the food and its ingredient as well. In the western countries, there is scarcity of good employees but there is abundant of employers. Therefore, nobody will like to as an employee from the beginning of his or her career.

Rather, they like to make their mind as an employer. Therefore, if you like to be an employer, then you should have some innovation in your basket. In this direction, the western minds are great innovators all times. Another thing, the western mind always likes to induct Indian employees in their work force. The reason is that Indian employees like to follow the order rather deliver the order. This secret, which the western mind knows very well.

If you see deeper into the Indian CEOs of the world’s famous companies, then you will see that how their Indian background have helped to be most prestigious employee of their company. Nevertheless, for India, her kitty is empty. My question is that why India will be a loser forever. It is the right time to ponder in this matter for the betterment of future India and its people as well.

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