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The Indian e-commerce winner

The Indian e-commerce winner

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One interesting point to feel now is that Indian e-commerce world is witnessing some powerful heat through a glowing trident. This trident (Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal) now is doing to disrupt the Indian e-commerce stability through its huge impact. Actually, in Indian e-commerce perspective, this trident depends on investment, services and consumers. All these elements make a point to how they will perform over the times. It is true that it is not an easy task for them. Because they are born under the different circumstance and opportunity.

Moreover, you will see that this type of difference makes a big impact on their performance. However, on the Indian soil, they are vying for the number one position with a different mindset. Practically, they are looking the fuzzy glass top, which likes to inspire them to go through the uncertain attitude of the present Indian e-commerce scenario. Nevertheless, it is observed that when you go through the adverse circumstance, then you will get the bleak light, which oozes some encouraging expectation. In this case, the question about the ultimate Indian e-commerce winner is still invisible at this moment.


The US-based company, Amazon will never understand the heat of Indian attitude towards the buying willingness. Because the Indian buyers always put his or her emotion first on the selecting the product for their need. Therefore, there is some surprise waiting for them as well. If Amazon likes to get on the top position in the Indian e-commerce world, then they will have to concentrate on price, services and logistics. Nowadays, you could not attract the customers through the discount route alone. However, you have to go through the mindset of the Indian customers. Actually, you have to find the way the Indian customers choose their product.

In this case, color and geometric formation of the product works prominently in their mind. The reason is that the Indian customers always expect this type of availability for their product selection procedure from Amazon as well. If Amazon understands this kind of psychology of Indian buyers as well as supreme logistics, then they will take the first position in the Indian e-commerce as well. Amazon will live in India on its own innovation. Nevertheless, its innovation should be based on Indian mindset and lifestyle. Actually, they have to mingle with the Indian society’s pulse as well. In India, the western attitude will not work for Amazon.


An Indian company knows India best. Moreover, this type of advantage will bolster its claim for the first slot in the Indian e-commerce world. It is true that Flipkart never relies on innovation. Rather it depends on follow-up principle which is very much easy to accomplish and less risky as well. Its logistics ability could break any power opponent with its big thud. One thing you should never underestimate the power of its logistics talents, it is extraordinary also. Flipkart should keep the focus on logistics and product variation and it will turn their fortune as well.


It is a pure Indian company without any follow-up or innovation in their kitty. Rather, their strong point is that they can move in any direction without any outside impact. Therefore, this kind of advantage in the Indian e-commerce will play a great impact also. Clearly speaking, they are the simplest form of this trident family. Their chance for the first slot in the Indian e-commerce is highly respectable.

Therefore, who will be the ultimate Indian e-commerce winner is the highly unpredictable proposition at this moment. Rather, it is better for us to watch and play with them wisely.

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