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India’s start-up system

India’s start-up system

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India’s start-up ecology is quite understandable to the world business community for its huge potential. Nevertheless, this expectation is quite concentrated to some particular locations. It is true that any start-up depends on technology, needs, cultural setup, local concern, social integration, better working force and intelligent financial backup. Practically, these entire criterion are not available to a single start-up all together. The reason is that Indian start-up is heavily based on technological ideas. Particularly, you can say for technological flexibility makes its success.

However, if you think deeply, then you will see that the maximum start-up is concentrated in Bangalore areas. Honestly speaking, it is not a good sign for India to have a single location for the maximum numbers of start-up as well. Rather, if you like to see India as a predominant power in the start-up ecosystem, then India should have to decentralize the main focal point. Practically, India will have to create start-up hubs in every state of it. Rather, honestly speaking, India has a high potential in start-up world.

The reason is that India has a cluster of different culture. Therefore, the scope of start-up is infinite. Practically, it has a pool of handful ideas, which will raise the expectation of the successful start-up. If you think deep into it, then you will see that the concept of Indian start-up depends on its cultural foundation as well. You should know that we are in India, generally, having different lifestyles and occupations. Therefore, you should keep it in your mind that any start-up should begin on these concepts. The reason is that Indian people are very much acceptable to their own setup. Therefore, you will get more attention for your set-up if you aim for their liking as well.

Actually, what happens is that they will like to accept their lifestyle according to your start-up. You should keep in your mind that the true meaning of a start-up is to engage the society for economic freedom. Therefore, when your start-up successful, then your society will able to flourish through the total participation in your business. It is a kind of total involvement in the total social development as well. For the case of India, you will see that India has many problems despite its huge cultural setup.

Nevertheless, if you understand it, then you can develop your start-up on these themes also. Suppose, you like to develop a start-up in Kolkata, then you have to find for what Kolkata is famous. After that, you will find your start-up theme. Generally, Kolkata is famous for sweets, chai adda, singing, durga puja, food and curiosity. Therefore, if you develop your start-up on these themes, then you will attract the local population immediately and most of it is that you will be successful as well. This kind of approach is applicable to any part of the world where you know its famous points and cultural roots also. It is observed that every human attracts to anything that is very much of its own. Therefore, you will able to win over them easily.

If you are thinking about Mumbai as your start-up city, then just go for pao bhaji, finance, film, and industry. So that you will able to explore in these theme for making name in this region. For India, regional start-up should be given the foremost importance and it will bring the revolution in the Indian start-up ecosystem as well. Moreover, one thing you should keep in your mind that investors in all these regions will be easily available with minimum risk factor also. Even, you will observe that your initial start-up capital will be minimum without burdening your pocket as well. If you look for the invest opportunity is concerned, then you will find many angel investors in this regard.

The reason is that they are single individual with handsome financial backup and they will reap good dividend from their investment as well. For regional start-up, you will face hurdles to get venture capital for your initial stage of your start-up. India’s start-up scenario is unique in its class and it is not very understandable to all. The reason is that Indian start-up culture is highly younger and its maturity is in the hands of government policy and investing opportunity. Rather, it is clear to say that it will take years to show its maturity. Personally, I think that entrepreneur, investor and government should play a well-balanced approach to make it a successful one.

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