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What is the interpretation of God ?

What is the interpretation of God ?

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The existence of God is in our mind. Rather, through our religion which scripts the definition of God. Actually, in the reality, God is the replica of alien existence. When you will think about the religion, then you should keep in your mind that the picture of God in our mind comes from the alien link. It means that the extraterrestrial being have visited our earth more than 5000 BC ago. After that, the stitching of the Godly body has developed in the mind of our ancestor. I do believe that it is possible due to the interpretation of the alien stature through God faces. In reality, the faces of God are not good looking. Rather, they are the manipulated one with the new form of face image. In this case, the intentional human intervention was worked for attracting the followers in the religious beliefs.

Actually, the human mind always response quickly to the beautiful object and it can be influenced one as well. Therefore, the faces of God were made good looking for this purpose as well. The power or credibility of God is well respected in our society. The reason is that we respect and obey the religion and its goddesses as well. Actually, the religion is itself the bunch of scripted principles, which we have to follow if we like to live on in the society. One interesting point you will observe that when we worship our God with great respect, then in the real time, we are asking their help for our sustenance as well. You will never ignore it at all. Even, we are praying for them for another visit on this earth again as well.

When we put our doubts on the physical existence of God in our world, then actually we are unconsciously accepting its existence through its statue and pictures. One interesting point to observe that our so-called God or alien visits our earth in every 5000-year interval. If you are looking for its proof, then you will find it in the chronological history of the ancient civilization as well. Even, we can expect the God will visit on this earth on 4200 AD onwards. After that, our world will be nourished in the different form and fixtures for our better future.


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