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Jio: A compelled expectation

Jio: A compelled expectation

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Every beginning has unique expectation after its inception. Therefore, your expectation is somehow will influence your conviction as well. It is true that sometimes beginning brings extra power to imbalance yourself through its path. So you may accept it or reject its beginning. But it is sure that it will bring some changes over the times as well. Even, it is observed that these changes can disrupt any stable mind without any doubt. So this kind of imbalances is observing in the current Indian telecommunication circle due to the entry of Reliance Jio as well. Already, Jio throws a compelled expectation to the Indian mobile users. So they will like to taste its power and credibility also. But in the reality, it is observed that somewhere the smell of confusion is lingering in the mind of the Indian mobile users. The reason is that the services from the Reliance stable are not good in the recent past. Therefore, now the Indian people are still skeptical about its credibility and keep watching its movement and fruition as well.


As far as speed is concerned, Jio has kept its words for the Indian consumers. If you are under the 4G per day permission limit, then you will get the real heat of its commitment. You will get the highest speed in comparison with any other mobile service provider in India at now. At full throttle, you will get 24 Mbps as downloading speed and uploading speed will be around 8 Mbps as well. You will get this speed after 7 pm onward. In the daytime, you may face some data drop also. But it stays for a few minutes as well. Even, after that, you will get the power of Jio’s speed. As the night progresses, Jio will start to work silently.

reliance jio speed

This is the result of Reliance Jio speed which tells the reality for the future Indian mobile experience

But you will never get the real speed in the daytime due to high congestion in the data route. Still, you will get the decent speed for daily internet activities. It is observed that the bandwidth of Jio is quite different from other Indian mobile operators. The reason is that it never follows the traditional approach, rather it follows the most advanced and complex technology. Moreover, the current Jio infrastructure is future ready which means it can hold the 5G and 6G mobile technology as well.

As far as the bandwidth speed is concerned, sometimes you will get the indifferent speed continuation during your downloading procedure. It happens due to the complex integration of TDD-LTE topology and FDD-LTE topology as well. Therefore, you can expect some kind of inconsistency in Jio’s bandwidth. Actually, what happens is that still Jio in a beta testing mode, and it will take about a year to give its full throttle in this context. It needs a lot of patience to withstand current inconvenience as well.


If you talk about the technology which Jio is using for its 4G mobile services, then you should keep in your mind that Jio is using the blending form of TDD (Time Division Duplex) LTE and FDD Frequency Division Duplex) LTE technology altogether. For this reason, now voice call is not performing according to its standard. Moreover, you should keep in your mind that Jio is still in beta and testing its technologies through trial and error. Moreover, you can say that Jio is turning to its 4G network strongly for future congestion as well. It is true that Jio is totally highly technology dependent mobile network. So you can expect some irritation during your initial Jio experience. As technology-wise, VoLTE is a cornerstone for Jio network. The reason is that Jio is totally 4G based technology and it never follows 2G or 3G technology as well. For the quality of transmission, it will deliver the best quality also.


Browsing experience through Jio network is awesome despite its some irritation in a day outing. The reason is that in India, the TDD-LTE is a popular technology. Therefore, when Jio blends it with FDD-LTE technology, then some synchronization problem happens also. Logically speaking, it is a gestation period for Jio to deliver the finest network with high-speed topology. If you once get to use in Jio network, then you will forget the other Indian mobile providers like Airtel, Vodafone or others. Until Jio’s entry into the Indian territory, the existing Indian mobile networks like Airtel or Vodafone exploits the Indian mobile user’s helpless condition about internet speed or voice call. In this connection, Jio brings new urge to provide the mobile users better mobile service within their reach as well.

Voice Call

When you are making a voice call through Jio network, then you should keep in your mind that your mobile phone should have VoLTE and FDD-LTE technology. Otherwise, you will never make a call through Jio network as well. Another point you have to notice that when you are making a call to another person, then he or she should have in VoLTE network. One thing is sure that if you think that you will still use your feature mobile phone, then you have to change your mind immediately as the time is coming for VoLTE dominance.

Now, we begin to think in a new order, so that we can make our conviction more fruitful in terms of future mobile connectivity due to the bold entry of Jio.


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