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Kolkata – a silent stream

Kolkata – a silent stream

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Kolkata, the city where I was born and I will die. It is the city that I know its best as comparing with anybody’s perspective. Actually, here I work, I dream, I earn and after all I live. Therefore, reading of Kolkata through my mind is unique according to my experience. Practically, Kolkata is divided into so many parts, which will shed a new light in your thought provoking setup regarding it. One thing about Kolkata, which is very much I love, is that its low profile attitude. I visited a lot of Indian cities and metropolis. Nevertheless, Kolkata is only exception. The reason is that its citizens are self-propelled and never depend on others. Therefore, the tolerance rate is highly recognizable as well.

It is irony that sometimes Kolkata’s low profile attitude designates its weakness to some people also. However, if you are intelligent in your observation, then you will see that Kolkata intentionally stay away from acquiring the limelight hunting. It is a sign of tolerance and control. Even, you will see some interesting observation among its citizens. The interesting perspective is that when its citizens live in its vicinity, then they behave like Kolkata.

Nevertheless, when they leave it, then they lose its entire cultural moral. It is true that Kolkata never show what it has in its room. Rather, it shows the way to conceal the real possession through its simplicity approach towards life and its culture. Now, Kolkata is changing in its rapid pace, of course silently as well.

As far as financial landscape is concerned, then you should know that Kolkata is the third richest city in India. It recorded a staggering $160 billion of GDP in the recent time. Even, its financial graph is uprising at the alarming rate. Moreover, you can expect more than $275 billion of GDP in 2025.

The reason is that its skilled entrepreneurship, fast city development, better transportation, evergreen cultural freedom, excellent interpersonal relationship, positive community involvement and others are responsible for it healthy financial look. Another interesting thing is that Kolkata has more than 600 multimillionaires in its vicinity. According to Forbes magazine, Kolkata has now one famous billionaire, Mr. Sanjeev Goenka of RPG Group. However, you will see more billionaires within next 10 years from now.

Actually, you will never see any exterior sign for the financial opulence in Kolkata. Rather, you will see that a silent stream is running without your knowledge. It is observed that you will see its power in its lifestyle, purchasing capacity, daily chores and spending attitude as well. Although, you will observe that the client servicing in Kolkata is excellent.

Particularly, consumer, financial, IT and industrial sectors as well. Over the years, Kolkata has been changed very steadily and gracefully. The reason is that Kolkata has long lasting curious mind but it has slow working culture. Due to it, sometimes people never recognize its silent stream, which runs without anybody’s attention. Now, Kolkata is going towards entrepreneurship, which will make it big in the course of time as well.

You should know that business brings money, money brings infrastructure, infrastructure brings employment and employment brings happiness. It is happening for Kolkata. My conviction is very clear in this regard. The reason is that I continuously travel throughout my city and interact with its people. Therefore, this article is the result. I dream that one day my Kolkata will be one of the finest cities in the world and it will definitely happen in the near future.


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