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How to live longer ?

How to live longer ?

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Everybody in this world likes to live longer. Nevertheless, not every person is very much fortunate for this opportunity. Only few fortunate people can survive longer. However, still you can live longer if you try to follow some principles, which will make it possible in the real terms as well. Logically speaking, if we control our lifestyle according to the principles of longer life system, then we can expect a longer life as well.


If you make a habit of reading in your early age, then you will have a greater chance to live longer. The reason is that it will increase your mental health by increasing the brain exercise. The reason is that the reading is an exercise to the brain, which will make your brain active, and healthy for the longer time as well. One interesting point you will know that reading will help you to decrease your stress. Moreover, it will also stimulate your concentration power and memory retention as well. Actually, reading is a great anecdote for the healthy living and longer life.

Since, reading makes the slow progress of the brain disease and it keeps your memory in the fine shape as well. When you are engaged in reading, then your brain stays as young forever. The reason is that when you will be old, then your brain will work slowly and inefficiently. Therefore, reading will help you to keep your brain active and make the brain inactivity slower. As your reading habits continue, your analytical skill will be increased in the significant manner as well. Therefore, when your brain is active and works wonderfully, then your chance for living longer will be increased as well.


Through writing, you will able to minimize your stress in the significant manner and you will make your brain sharper. The reason is that writing will minimize your stress and increase your cognitive power as well. Since, writing habit in the old age is very much effective. The reason is that at this stage, your brain generally stops to work fully and writing will stimulate the nervous system and your brain will begin to work actively. It has a unique ability to heal the traumatic symptoms and muscles damage. Writing is a kind of exercise for the brain and muscles, which ultimately synchronizes with each other.


If you continue your sexual urge until the old age, then your life will be longer. The reason is that during the sexual activity, your body and mind will works together in such a way that your total well-being will be increased as well. Actually, sex will stimulate your brain and muscles all together and it will lengthen your lifespan. Actually, if you are like to active sexually over the years, then you have to keep your brain and body active as well. Therefore, if you maintain the sexual activity through your ages consistently, then your life will be longer. Moreover, you should make it serious for keeping the health fit. Actually, the regular sex will lower your blood pressure and keep your immune system more active as well.


When you will take food, then you should remember that only the balanced food would able to increase your lifespan. The reason is that if you take the unbalanced food in your life, then your lifespan will be shorter as well. Always remember that the perfect food will keep you healthy longer and it will augment your life longer.

Social Participation

You should participate in your social activity over the times. The reason is that it will make your mind more lovable and caring as well. Social participation will decrease your stress and tension in your life. Therefore, you will able to communicate with your society well. It will give you immense satisfaction and blessing which is very much important for the longer life as well.


If you are fit, then you will have to take the medicine at the regular interval for keeping yourself fit. Again, if you are ill, then you have to take the medicine for the quick recovery as well. Therefore, if you live longer, then you have to take medicine for keeping yourself fit. This basic logic you should keep in your mind and get the benefit from it at the later stage.

Therefore, if you like to live longer, then you have to keep your body and mind fit forever as well.


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