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Why marriage and politics have similarities?

Why marriage and politics have similarities?

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In our life, marriage and politics has a different influence. But if you think it deeply, then you will see that there is a lot of similarities between them. Practically, they have a unique distinction in our life in the different ways. Since, our life is molded with emotional bonding and constitutional bonding, then marriage and politics comes as Messiah in their appearance. Even, although we keep our fingers crossed for their support, then their impact we could not ignore at all.

The reason is that they will break our social and family obligation through its sharp conviction. In general, we are very much keen about marriage. Rather, we are very much shy about politics as well. But we can enjoy the similarities between them also.


When you are thinking about marriage, then you are going to open your secret to your partner. You should always know that marriage could not hold any kind of secrecy due to the total involvement of physical and mental attachment. Eventually, when you are get involved with your partner, then there will be an excellent chance of exposing your secret to the outer world. It is highly vulnerable when you and your partner are in emotional trouble.

When you will think in the point of view of politics, then you will find that it also a natural tool for exposing your secret to the outside world. Therefore, once you get into it, and then there is certainly your secrets will come out through your opponent groups as well. Moreover, keeping secrets is a vital proposition for any relationship. It steers the relationship building opportunity also.


For marriage and politics, trust is vital to their existence. Because, marriage and politics will survive if confidence is intact in any direction. Practically, trust will bring the opponents and favorable altogether. Therefore, you will never ignore its presence in marriage and politics also. This vital element not only increase their lifespan but also breeds a new kind of confidence in themselves as well.


When we are frustrated with our marriage problems, then we call marriage as a legal prostitution also. The real reason for this talk is that the prime concern of marriage is procreation. Therefore, the requirement of sex comes automatically as well. So that marriage is itself a regular sex machine which has high and low activity over the times. But marriage could not understand our emotion well when we need. But politics is a constitutional prostitution.

The reason is that once you are in politics, then you have to abide its rules and regulations with your will or without your wish. It is your duty to perform it respectfully. If you are not in the favorable way of political norms, then you will be in great trouble as you will feel if you are married a person.


Both marriage and politics require loyalty to their master or partners. If there is no loyalty, then their existence will not be felt as well. It is true that the loyalty is the prime influence for building a political ground or marital happiness. Both will require the consistent manner of commitment over the times also. In the present day scenario, loyalty is very much scarce in marriage and politics as well. Therefore, credibility of both is at the stake at this moment.

So that the similarities between marriage and politics have same faces but they have the different impacts on our life also.

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