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The Meaning of Business Ethics

The Meaning of Business Ethics

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Business ethics consists of ethical principles of the business as well as the ethical problem. Actually, in the business, the principle and dilemma run simultaneously. Therefore, in this direction, you have to know the true meaning of the ethical principles and dilemma as well. Since, the dealing with the business integrity is concerned, and then you have to look at the positive side as well as the negative sides of the business. Practically, the ethical principles and ethical dilemma are the twins of a same coin. So, if you know the one of them better in the wider sense, then you will able to solve or maintain the orchestra of the business ethics without any problem. In the business world, you are responsible for making the business ethics to work in the viable atmosphere. Therefore, the business can witness the higher growth in the course of time as well. Your vision and skill will make it possible to happen in the short period. Through the eyes of the business perspective, the importance of the ethics is well tuned in the business infrastructure. Therefore, you will sense its presence around the business world.

Actually, the business ethics work like a conch. Once, you blow it, and then it will vibrate around its surroundings as well. The definition of the business ethics consists of ethical principle and the ethical dilemma. Therefore, in this case, you have to know the real meaning of it. In the business, the ethical principles are the standards of conduct defining the person to behave according to it and not to behave accordingly. It should be obeyed according to the ethical principles. However, in the reality, it is true that not everybody obeys these principles at all. Therefore, in this case, the ethical principles guide the person who could not maintain the ethical value of the business at all and make it possible to maintain the business ethics as well. In the business world, the persons attached to the business, they should have some ethical values in their personality like honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, caring and respect.

As far as the ethical dilemma is concerned, you should find the root causes for it. When you are going to ascertain the different types of the ethical dilemma, then you have to understand better the ethical principles. Therefore, you will be able to determine the ethical dilemma as well. Actually, the ethical dilemma could be categorized into the four kinds like loyalty versus truth; justice versus mercy; short term versus long term and individual versus community. Besides these categories, we can talk about bullying, lying, abusive behavior and sexual harassment, which are the present day scenario on the social front. Therefore, if we know about this scenario, then we can better understand it better as well. When we are talking about bullying on the ethical dilemma, then we have to find out its causes and preventive measures as well. If you think about bullying in your workplace, then it has many reasons for happens in there.

However, first, you have to sort out the reasons and then you have to solve it. In the workplace, bullying is quite intimidating and dangerous to the any business organization as well. The main reason for the workplace bullying happens due to anger or frustration. Actually, the person who has an intention to bully to his or her colleague in the workplace is quite disturbing for the business organization as well. You should know that the workplace bullying comes in the various ways like sexual harassment, delivering abusive speech, physical violence or assault and others. Nevertheless, every case the main motive is to humiliate the colleagues in some way. Therefore, the victim can stay away from his or her way. The reason is that it will make the attacker to make progress in the workplace without any opponent or competitor. Since, everybody can stop at the workplace through his or her positive mindset.

Moreover, you should know that the workspace is another home for any employee. Therefore, they should maintain the integrity of it. Even, it is very much important for the organization to look after for stopping bullying in its premises and make the employees can work comfortably. You should remember that every event of bullying in the workplace has a role of a bystander. Therefore, first, you have to find out the bystander and make sure that the bystander is responsible for the bullying in your workplace or not. When you like to solve this problem in your workplace, then just you have to a couple of the supportive bystanders who will help you for solving this menace in your workplace as well. Actually, in reality, you will find that the supportive bystanders have a greater role making or solving bullying in any workplace. Since, the bullying will decrease the self-confidence and efficiency of the employee in the organization. As far as the lying in the organization is concerned, the lying has a two faced tool which also a self-inflicting as well.

Nevertheless, it will depend on you how to take the lying seriously in your workplace and you will deal with it accordingly. However, you should remember that some lying will save your organization and some other lying will destroy your organization. Therefore, in this direction, you have to judge its intensity well before you decide your plan to face the lying menace in your workplace. If you find that the lying gives your organization a greater advantage over your competitor, then keep it to continue. However, when the lying is destroying your workplace’s integrity and reputation, then you should take immediate action against the person who is spreading the lying stuffs around your organization as well. The main purpose of the lying in any organization is to get an advantage over the sales and rewards.

So, when you will understand it better, then you will able to solve it quickly as well. One interesting point to keep in your mind that the lying will not make you a real liar. Rather, it will make you sharper for your organization. Actually, lying is the manifestation of the doubtful mind. So, you will able to understand it well. When you like to control lying in your organization, then you have to induce some kind of fear in your employee’s mind, so they will never be courageous to tell a lie in your organization. You should also collect some witnesses for any lying activity in your workplace, which will come handy in the prosecution stage. Even, if it is possible, then you can record the lying proceeding for the future references. In any workplace, the sexual harassment is very much disturbing phenomenon for any organization. Particularly, the victim will be affected very much due to the sexual harassment. Most of the times, it hits their self-respect and self-confidence as well. Moreover, you should protect your workplace from any sexual harassment in such a way that both sexes can work without damaging their self-respect and self-confidence.

One prime responsibility of yours is that you should keep your eyes open on your employees all the times, so there should not be any sexual harassment in your workplace happened as well. Another point you have to keep in your mind that when the sexual harassment happens in your workplace, then you should keep watch on the victim who could lose his or her self-esteem and self-confidence as well. If you are thinking about the loyalty versus truth, then these are based on the principle of right. Nevertheless, sometimes, if any one of them starts to work in the reverse direction, then the ethical dilemma arises.

It happens due to the sudden conflict of interests. For the business ethics, justice versus mercy is the essential parameter, which will determine how you will able to deal with the business itself. Moreover, for the business, justice should prevail at every stage of it. The reason is that if any employee do wrong against the business ethics, then the justice could take the place for giving the right instance for the employee who deserves according to his or her deeds. According to the business ethics, the short term and long-term projects should be taken care seriously.

Moreover, in the business, the long term projects need a lot money sources, so there will be a chance of some kind of corruption exists. Nevertheless, in the case of the short-term projects has a little chance for any ethical dilemma. Since, the long-term projects bring the ethical dilemma when there is a lot of money movement is involved. So, in this connection, this dilemma can be prevented if we follow the business ethics ruthlessly. If you are looking for the relationship between the individual and the community, then there will be a chance of the ethical dilemma rising as well. Actually, the individual is very much prone to the unethical activities in the business. Rather, the community is a better place for maintaining the business ethics. Actually, the community consists of the different types of the people, so there will be a little chance for the ethical dilemma happening. Moreover, you will get the different causes of the ethical dilemma like unethical approach, lying, false impression, conflict of interest, hiding information, unfair advantage, violating rules and interpersonal abuse. So, if you analyze these types or causes, then you will able to solve the ethical dilemma in the right direction. Moreover, the unethical approach will make the person more vulnerable to the business. Therefore, in this direction, the unethical person will take the unethical approaches to make his or her business expenses in their favor.

However, in the course of time, it will destroy the business ethics of the employee as well. Since, the power of lying will make the business ethics a halt, so it is important for the point of the view of the employee to follow the business ethics accordingly. If the employee takes the lying support, then the moral degradation of the employee will be happening as well as the business will suffer. When the conflict of interest arises in the business, then the ethical dilemma will rise and you have to face with great care and caution. The reason is that it will destroy the business ethics as well. In the business, the employee show the false impression for the customers which is very much detrimental for the business. Therefore, in this direction, sometimes the false impression works for the short period, but in the end, it will not work at all. Therefore, in this context, the chance of the ethical dilemma may arise. For getting an extra advantage in a deal, sometimes the employee may support the application of the hiding information for their business products. Actually, this kind of the unethical tendency will give the harmful effect on the business in the end. Violating the rules is a common practice in the business nowadays.

Therefore, the employers and the employees sometimes take this unethical advantage for the extra profit and business expansion. Nevertheless, this approach will automatically breed the ethical dilemma for the business itself. In the business, the interpersonal rivalry exists and it develops the jealousy and abuse on the rampage. Moreover, everybody likes to rise to the top level in the business where they can make a name for themselves as well. Therefore, in this rat race, the ethical dilemma arises without giving any notice. When you are going to resolve the ethical dilemma in your own way, then you have to study the ethical principles of the business well.

Actually, you are more aware of the positive resonance of the business ethics, and then you will able to resolve it wisely. Since, the business integrity should be considered in this case for solving the ethical dilemmas. Before getting into the solving the ethical dilemma in your business, you have to chalk out the three step strategy for it. First, you have to analyze the situation very well. The reason is that it is the prime concern for any business. In this case, the total analysis of the situation will be needed at this stage before you get into the next stage. Nevertheless, you have to complete your most important work in this direction. If you could not manage it solely, then you can induct the professional solver for your needs. You have to analyze from every point of the view, so you can understand the real reason or causes for the current ethical dilemma as well. Secondly, you have to analyze the actions very precisely.

The reason is that it will help you to implement your actions in the right direction. When you are going to apply the preventive actions for the ethical dilemma, you should the ethical principles of the business and it will make sure your action a success accordingly. During your final decision about the actions, you should discuss the problems with your peers and mentors of your business. Actually, they will help you more precisely with their expertise and experience. Moreover, you should consult with the professionals in their respective fields and read the different kinds of books and magazine of the current scenario. It will sharpen your decision-making ability and you will able to take the right action as well. Lastly, you have to apply the action for mitigating the ethical dilemma from your business as well.


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