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Mental health: Its power

Mental health: Its power

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Despite you have money, power, and fame but you have weak mental health. Therefore, you will steadily lose your character and your existence. It is very much an alarming signal for any nation when its people mental health is not in good shape. Actually, what happens is that mental health is relating to any kind of relationship. If you could not build a good relationship with anything in your life, then your mental health will suffer most. Practically, mental health always works with human emotion as well. In this case, good emotion is still elusive to us in the present scenario. As you know that capturing the mental health of people is very tricky one. The reason is that you will never understand the people’s mind from the distance. Therefore, you have to mix up with every person. But it is not possible at the first sight. If you think deeply, then you will find a solution in this way as well. Good mental health not only develops the better relationship but also it develops the better society as well.

But it is true that Indian mental health is quite different from the western mental setup. The reason is that the western mental health depends on the motherland’s interest whereas the Indian mental health is based on family setup. Therefore you can not develop yourself fully as a social being. When you are going to build a relationship, then you will face the toughest hurdle like indecision which develops from the mental health. It is true that if you don’t have any sound mental health, then you could not measure the fathom of a relationship. In the true sense of the term, the relationship is a kind of stabilization which brings the positive vibration from all directions. It is true that any kind of stabilization develops mental happiness and also its incredible power as well. Actually, the sound mental health does not develop in the quick succession. The reason is that it takes a long duration which brings the real picture of a good mind. But one thing is that you have to keep in your mind that the mental health depends on the different segments like education, family, unity, security, job, freedom, love, caring, relationship, cooperation, and other elements. But all these segments have the unique impact on the mental health. The reason is that if one of the segments could not perform well, then the others segments will be affected as well hardly.

For the better mental health, the role of education is immense. Because it develops the ability to understand between a good and bad well and decision making ability more powerful. Moreover, it develops the unique pattern for judging the real entity around its surrounding as well. Actually what happens is that education itself never develop for a sound mental health. But it develops when the purpose of acquiring knowledge is achieved through self-less manner. The importance of family in a person‘ s mental health is vital. The reason is that the bonding in a family will create the unique canopy which will bolster the mental health development. Practically, love and caring in a family will build our mental health so sound and powerful that no outside interference will dislodge it from its track. As far as unity is concerned, unity has the great impact on building better mental health. It does not attach to family only but it also attaches to all segment of our life as well. When we are living in our family, then we should remember that love, caring and cooperation are the vital elements in our emotion.

The reason is that these elements take our mental health to its upper limit where we can never imagine before. You should always keep in your mind that unity always develops security in the mind of the people. Therefore, you could expect better mental performance from the people also. It is observed that security also develops the stability in the life of the people. When the people have ample freedom in their life, then you can expect the better mental health because freedom relieves the wounds of our expression. If you have no freedom of your expression or what you are doing, then you will have never possessed a sound mental health. Sometimes you will find that the restricted freedom makes your expressive ability more vulnerable to your body and mind also. Moreover, we can say that it will bring stress and tension in your mind as well.

It is true that the good mental health never deprives you of your expectation and aspiration. Rather you can say that it will steer you to your goal easily.

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