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How much diksha is effective in our life ?

How much diksha is effective in our life ?

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In Hindu custom, taking diksha from a guru is an established ritual. But, not everybody follows it. It depends on the personal preference. Moreover, someone believes in taking diksha. Again, someone does not believe in it. Therefore, then effectiveness of diksha in our life is quite understandable. Honestly speaking, if you really love your life and you have self-confidence in your life, then taking diksha from a Guru is ineffective. Actually, what happens is that the main purpose of taking diksha is steering yourself to a right direction under a peer’s guidance. However, in life, if you really understand the true power of life, then you will see that God have made us with a lethal directional ability in us.

Therefore, we are automatically capable to direct yourself to a right pathway. Nevertheless, when you cannot able to steer yourself in the right direction due to the lack of self-belief, self-confidence and knowing your own ability, then you will require a guru for showing your path. Actually, you should know that the self-power is highly powerful than guru’s blessing. The reason is that you should never compare your guru’s blessing with the divine blessing as well.


You know that your relationship with your Guru is a kind of one-to-one communication. Therefore, you and your Guru will only know the secret vibration of diksha well. However, in the reality, nothing is secret in this world. In this world, everything is open and freely available. If you think deeply, then you will understand it well. The reason is that diksha is nothing but a single Hindu sloka which to be intonated in the mind of the disciple by the disciple himself or herself. Therefore, this sloka is a highly powerful one. Nevertheless, it is made with a couple of sentence gathering which are easily found in the ancient Hindu religious text. Actually, what happens is that behind giving the diksha, the another purpose is to increase the followers who will adorn and respect the respective Guru as well. Moreover, it will increase the substantial disciple base in the location where Guru is living.


In reality, there is no scientific proof as far as my knowledge is concerned, for the mental guidance through a sloka. However, it is somehow a mental satisfaction, which gives the disciples to start to believe in their own ability, which ultimately steers his or her mental setup more accurately as well. Actually, the guidance comes from your mental satisfaction, which you have required by taking diksha from your guru. Practically, your own conviction and ability will guide you towards your goal. If you are intelligent and wise, then you will see that the divine blessing on you, which you have acquired by your karma, will no longer require any guru’s blessing. It is true that your destiny will never change with diksha or guru’s blessing. Rather, it will be intact without any Guru’s intervention.


You should keep in your mind that every guru is a human being with bone and fleshes. Therefore, he or she has some bad karma in his or her life. Therefore, guru’s bad vibration will be transferred to you through diksha. Therefore, you will hardly feel it in your life. Even, your guru may not be intended to do it to you as well.

Therefore, in your life, you will see that the ultimate result is that you will have to do your duty gracefully and you have to wait for your final journey. If you are lucky one or you have a good karma, then you will get a glorious exit from this heaven as well.


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