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Why we need now human cloning and gene mutation ?

Why we need now human cloning and gene mutation ?

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In recent time, the importance of the human cloning has been raised in the big way. The reason is that in our society, the recent disturbing events give us to think about the new generation of human being. Actually, our gene has been transformed since our inception on this earth. Moreover, our skill and intelligence has been raised in the upper grade in such a way that our existence has been facing a new demand for rebirth. Even, the quality of life increased in the significant manner. However, our social activity and etiquette has been affected in the big way. Honestly speaking, our gene has been mutated in the different ways and some are not working as per the principle of life as well. Therefore, we are now desperately needed for the new breed of human being in our society.

Now, we can make our life more comfortable and lively. Actually, if we start now to explore the power of the human cloning, then we will definitely get the positive result within 20 years from now. If you look at the present social scenario, then you will see that somewhere we need some development in the human personality and ability as well. Practically, you will see that somewhere in our life, there is a lack of synchronization and we need to make it more operable. So that we can do our work according to our full potential. It is true that there is some kind of wrong direction and you will need to redirect it in the right way as well.


It is our life’s most important tool which give us for maintaining our sustenance on this world as well. Sex is a powerful weapon, which depend on you how to use it according to your need. The negative effects of sex like rape, molestation and others are the prime concerns for today in our society as well. Therefore, we need to modify this kind of criminal behavior in our gene. Moreover, our gene modification can do the trick for minimizing these crimes from our society as well. Through human cloning, we will able to modify our genetic disorder in such a way that we can breed the transparent personality, which will steer our society in the right mode. Sex is the rhythmic instrument, which binds all rhythms of the human body. Therefore, if we tune the sexual impulse through the gene mutation, then we can build a more progressive society.


In the recent time, we have seen the rise of the fair sex in our society. Nevertheless, this rising has not happened in a quick succession. Rather, it happens after a long gene mutation in the female genome. Actually, you will see the recent humiliation on the fair sex has been deeply felt as well. Practically, the gene mutation happened to the fair sex after the 80s where the male gene mutation has not been mutated at that speed at all. This kind of gene mutation of the far sex will continue for another 20 years in time and they will rise in the recent times as well. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that if we could not give attention on the deferred gene mutation of the male in the recent time, then there will be a greater disparity of intelligence and skill among the male bastion will be seen in the future as well. Therefore, this kind of disparity will bring down the intellectual parity also.

Therefore, you have to understand what the human cloning will give you a new look in our society and you have to make it happens for our better future as well.


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