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Opposite sides of Demonetization

Opposite sides of Demonetization

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Demonetization for Indian is highly sensitive matter in terms of human emotion and stress. The reason is that it creates a unique atmosphere for whole Indian society. Actually, without money, no society can run smoothly and also stops its functions as well. But one thing is sure that the society will face the new challenge for survival. If you are wise, then you will notice that demonetization in India brings some quick changes without any demarcations. The reason is that demonetization actually hits at the core of the Indian society where emotion, intelligence, power, and performance are involved.

Moreover, you will find that the Indian people for the first time could not understand its sudden thud and after sometimes, they observe that the real power of this inconvenience is actually good for their future as well. You should keep in your mind that demonetization was mandatory for the extraordinary future. Therefore, the Indian people can live without corruption and with transparent future also. Sometimes, you will have heard some noise around you for distracting the reality of demonetization. But you should not give any importance on it. Rather, you should think it with heartfelt cooperation.


For withdrawing your money from ATM or depositing your banned note in the bank, you have to cooperate with your fellow citizens with great enthusiasm. The reason is that if you don’t like to cooperate in this situation, then you will face the reverse action from all quarters as well. It is observed that you have to cooperate with others despite having your non-cooperative nature. In this case, demonetization gave us a harsh lesson for survival in the adversity.


It is a unique feature of demonetization is that when you will stand in the queue, then you will observe that everybody is enjoying togetherness for the time being with their vested interest, money which is the lifeline of our livelihood. Actually, this short-term of togetherness will give a big impact on our character. in the latter stage when the demonetization ritual will be completed. Because, in the modern-day life, financial activities always impact on our character and lifestyle. In our society, two types of people are living. One is who never like to mix up with their society frequently and another one is who always like to participate in every social activity.

Therefore, these two types of people interact with each other extensively due to demonetization effect. Particularly, those are frequent people with their society, they are bound to participate in this extravaganza. At least, at this juncture, it is a good sign for better social involvement with sharing their emotion as well. Actually, they have to stand in the queue at least twice a week for fulfilling their money requirement. Therefore, our society will be more interactive and more sociable for the short period of time as well.


Whether you are standing in the queue or not, but you like to keep harmony around your surrounding in such a way that you and your people can get the equal opportunity of money withdrawal. In this case, sometimes the people are sacrificing a little to accommodate others also. In this way, we are living in a new atmosphere where our social harmony is working well.

Whatever may be the consequence of demonetization effect in our financial life, but it is sure that it will bring some extraordinary impact on our future as well.

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