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How to please your office boss ?

How to please your office boss ?

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In your office, the relationship between you and your boss is very much important. The reason is that it will make your office life smoother as well. In the most of the cases, you will see that the relation with the office boss could not make a good rapport over the time. Actually, the main problem lies in the understanding between you and your boss. If you understand your boss well and your boss understands you well, then yours honeymoon will be forever. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that once you are able to show your love and respect to your boss, then your employment is sealed forever.


It is a great virtue for you when you are under your boss. The reason is that it will help you to build the better relationship with your boss. You should know that in the office, the boss is supreme authority. Then, if you like to make your stay in your office comfortable, then you should show your loyalty to your boss as well. Actually, loyalty will make you more acceptable in every office segment and it will shine through your performance as well.


Every human wants appreciation for his or her work. Therefore, it is also applicable to your boss as well. If you appreciate some good moves by your boss in the front of your colleagues, then it will increase your chance of getting respect from your boss as well.

Sharing burden

Sometimes, we are all can be loaded with so much burden. Therefore, if we get someone who are like to relieve our burden little, then it will come as a boon to us. Therefore, in this connection, you can help your boss to relieve some burden from his or her shoulder. You may attend the important meeting instead of him or her as well. So that it will relieve some burden when he or she is engaged in the other commitment. If you do not like to do any kind of job which is outside of your job boundary. If you get away yourself a little from it, then you will able to win over your boss as well. The reason is that it will your boss some relieve from the extra burden.

Saving time

It is a kind of positive gesture from you for your boss. Moreover, this kind of approach will land you in the most favorable situation in the later stage as well. The reason is that if you can able to save your boss time, then he or she will definitely reciprocate to you at the right time. Suppose, you see that your boss is standing at the queues at the side of a road as his or her car break down and then at that time, you are passing with your bike and you see your boss standing at the road. Immediately, you just offer your boss for the lift and ask your boss to ride on your bike alone. After that, you arrange for repairing your boss car. This gesture will give you the dividends later as well.


If you are a good cook, then you can invite your boss to your home for a dinner. As this kind of gesture will make your boss very happy. Moreover, you will definitely get the positive response from his or her. Even, your boss is not in your favor, and then you can throw an open offer to attend a dinner at your home. Once your boss in your home, then you are in full control to manipulate your boss in your own style as well.

Mistake acceptance

If you do a mistake, then immediately accept it. The reason is that it will help you when you are in great trouble and your boss will come to rescue you in your need. One thing always keep in your mind that you should be in the positive mood as well.

Little caring

If you know that your boss has a high blood sugar, then you can request him or her to take the less sugar-based food in the party where both of yours are attending. It will bring a little smile on your boss lip and it is enough for you.

Therefore, you should convey to your boss for your love and respect through your positive gesture as well.


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