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How to prevent divorce ?

How to prevent divorce ?

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We know that marriage is made in heaven. However, we also know that marriage is broken in this world. The reason is that some misunderstandings which makes it possible as well. Practically, divorce happens due to our lack of patience and underestimation of the situation. Moreover, you will see that every divorcee leads a horrible life and the post-divorce scenario. So that you should always keep on your hope that your marriage should stay intact.


When the situation of divorce rises, then you will need to learn from the causes. Actually, if you understand its causes well, then it will be handy for you to solve the divorce causes in the wisely manner as well. Since, the divorce is the outcome of the clashing between ego and cooperation. Moreover, if both of yours try to understand the situations you have created for breaking the relationship, then both of you will learn how to solve it through the proper utilization of the mutual respect and cooperation. Actually, you have to learn it from the very beginning of the situation arises and both of you should learn from the mistakes which both of you have done so far. In this situation, no third party will solve your problem. Rather, the third party will only able to solve the stuffs regarding to the marital laws only as well. Actually, divorce issue is very much sensitive and it should be solved with a careful eye as well.


Whatever, you present condition with your partner; you should first surrender yourself and accept your mistakes to your partner. After that, you will have to wait for some times for getting the response from your partner, it is observed that definitely your partner will signal out his or her intention to you and you will have to understand it as well. If you still stick yourself to your conviction that you will never surrender to your partner, then you are gone forever and even God will never come to rescue you as well. If you do not like to forgive your partner, then you will see that even God will never forgive you too as well. The reason is that you will get the God’s curse in the later part of your life as well. One thing you should keep in your mind that you have no right to destroy others life without trying to solve the problem also. Again, you should make your life more acceptable to the society that you can get the social blessing, which is very much needed, for solving your divorce problem.

Controlling Ego

It is vital for the solving the divorce problem, you have to control your ego. The reason is that if you could not control your ego in the middle of your relationship. Then you will never solve your divorce problem as well. One thing you have to know that ego destroy the relationship. So that you should keep it away from your relationship and you should resist the temptation to allow ego in your relationship as well.


If you sometimes become submissive in your relationship, then you will never face any problem from the divorce menace. Actually, divorce always destroys two lives and put them into a long-term depression. Once divorce is made, then there will be no chance to return in life. Actually, it will put a permanent stigma on both of yours characters as well.


If possible, both of yours should recollect yours past happy moments, which will give yours a lot of, pleasure in yours relationship. Actually, what happens is that recollection is a process for embalming the wounds in the pre-divorce dilemma as well. Therefore, it is essential for yours to keep it alive in your mind and see what happens in your relationship as well.

Therefore, you should make your relationship more flexible and adaptable, so that you can save yourself from the clutch of divorce problem also.


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