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Printing Book vs Digital Book

Printing Book vs Digital Book

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When we are thinking about buying books, then it will immediately knock in our mind about the printing book. But in the digital era, we are starting to accept the existence of the digital book. The reason is that digital book has high portability and space saving ability. Therefore, our young generations like to accept it whole heatedly. But one thing is sure they never shun the existence of the printing book at all. The main reason for it is that our emotion and nostalgic feeling has been attached with it as well. Actually, we got two forms of our book in our modern life. It is a boon for every book lover as well. Therefore, it increases the power of adaptability in our fast lifestyle also.


Definitely, you will accept that feeling of printing book by touching is quite real. But feeling of digital book has no longer effect like printing book as well. The reason is that feeling of digital book is rather virtual. Rather, you can say that when you hold a printing book with your hand, then you will feel unique sense of possession which no digital book will never give you such feeling as well. Here, printing book wins over digital book.


In our modern life, space is highly valued stuff which we never ignore it. Rather, we are very much conscious for saving it. In this connection, digital book has greater advantage over the printing book as well. But one thing is sure that printing book always soothes our soul with its volume and this vastness works like a pillar during our adversity. The reason is that digital book which we never feel its vastness in our consciousness as well.


As far as the question of longevity is concerned, then you should keep in your mind that digital book has infinite lifespan whereas printing book has limited lifespan due to its less archival value. As time passes, the printing book will get damaged in the time being. But digital book will long year after year unless you delete it from the storage drive as well.


Printing book will carry always some nostalgic feeling throughout our life. The reason is that you will never find any book lover who has no nostalgic moment with his or her printing books also. In your youth or childhood, you may fight for your beloved printing book with your friends. But in the case of digital book, you will have no such feeling with it. The reason is that you will not able to grab it with your hands.


Printing book is more emotional possession for any book lover. Because it holds love, affection and right all together. Whereas digital book is just like virtual dish which can place on the table once completes reading. You should know that the smell of printing book increases our emotion to the maximum level in such a way that it blends its scripted principle on its paper.


It is true that price of digital book (eBook or PDF) is cheaper than the printing book. But the perpetual price of them is equal and highly precious as well.


The development of the printing book is very labor intensive. But the development of digital book is less labor -oriented as well. Because the processing is done through the computer software with a couple of clicks and paste manner.


If you are thinking about portability, then digital book wins over the printing book. You can carry or share with anybody around the world with a couple of clicks as well.

Therefore, the fight between digital book and printing book left a big trail in the mind of the book publishers. But it has no impact on the reader’s mind due to the perpetual hungry of information which any form of book provides without any commitment.

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