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Privacy vs Secrecy

Privacy vs Secrecy

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When we make a competent approach to protect our boundary from the third eye, then we consider our own privacy or secrecy. The reason is that these two similar words have the different meaning in our life. Moreover, we can say that privacy and secrecy have a different application in our life. When you are thinking about privacy, then you should keep in your mind that privacy only applies to our emotional entity for protection. But privacy always deals with human emotion whereas secrecy always deals with the non-emotional entities. The vastness of privacy is small but the vastness of secrecy is big. However, the lifespan of privacy is a short-term one but secrecy is a long-term one. Both the cases have the different penetration power. The penetrative power of privacy is surrounded with one emotion being but for the case of secrecy is blended with the multiple identities as well.

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