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How your promotion becomes a burden?

How your promotion becomes a burden?

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After getting a job, you will be full of dream and expectation. Therefore, you will preoccupy with your office task. So you will engross yourself deeply in the development of office proceedings as well. Eventually, you will never know when the office management is going to select your candidature for a promotion. When your office management confers a promotion to you, then your responsibility and duty will be increased in the larger proportion. In this context, you have to take extra care about your duty as well. But it is observed that your legitimate indulgence on your responsibility sometimes brings an extra burden. In this case, you have to know when your promotion can be developed in an incessant burden for your body and mind as well.

Not Moving

After taking a new charge from your superior in the office, immediately you may start your work with a great enthusiasm. After a couple of months, you suddenly feel that your are not moving at a substantial speed which you expected before. In this context, you can now feel that your promotion is developing some burden on you. In this case, stagnation is not conducive for your office performance. Rather, you can make it more dynamic through your intelligent approach and deliverance as well.

Not Advising

Suppose you like to give advices relating to office development to your superior but you are not getting the accurate response from it. Therefore, you will have to think that there is gathering a thick cloud on your shoulder, and your are getting into the turmoil. In this situation, you will never able to accomplish your commitment as well. Moreover, when you are asking for advice in some crucial official decision making, then you will know that your promotion is creating some offenses in front of you. It is not good for you and the office as well.

Not Getting

After getting your promotion from your company, you can expect better cooperation from your superior as well as your colleagues. But you could not get any heartfelt contribution from your office. In this case, you will never able to progress in your office works and also it will create an unnecessary burden on you. Therefore, it is wise for you to face it with great patience.

Not Directing

Sometimes you will feel that you are not giving any right direction to your office chores. It can happen due to ignorance about proper understanding of your promotion. Maybe it can develop from the office superior or the office management as well as the subordinates also. But in the reality, you will see that the real direction comes from a real actor. But in this case, you are not an actor. Rather, you are a follower of some invisible superiors. So you have to understand it very clearly and make it more visible to your consciousness.

No Salvaging

After getting a promotion, you will feel that the workloads will drag you into the abysmal depth of insecurity. It sometimes comesĀ  when you could not accommodate you with your new responsibility as well. Moreover, it will be visible when you are in deep trouble, and no one is not responding you for rescuing. Practically, it happens due to the don’t care attitude of the office people. But everybody will drag you into office irritations and like to taste your mettle as well.

Not Rotating

Despite having your new responsibility, you are deprived of rotational approach. It means that same responsibility comes to you at the regular interval which you are no longer to like it. As you think that this kind of rotational responsibility should be shared with other office people but it is not happening for your case as well.

Not Galvanizing

Galvanizing process is very important any office. The reason is that it will create some excitement or motivation in the office. If you could not get it in the immediate present, then you should be on the brink of collapse. Particularly, when you will require the decisive decision for any immediate office task. You have to get the galvanizing effect in your office task at the regular interval. Otherwise, your performance will dwindle and fail. So your reputation will be at stake as well.

No Targeting

For office work, targeting is a positive attitude for better office performance. The reason is that if you could not understand the prime target of functioning, then you could not decide in which way you will go. Otherwise, the extra burden will appear in your office performance as well.

After all, when you will face this kind of problems after getting your promotion, then it will indicate that you should be ready for facing burden and also try to solve it.

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