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How to read enmity ?

How to read enmity ?

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Along with our life cycle, we always have a circle of enemy in the various disguises as well. Therefore, sometimes we face difficulty to recognize the real one. However, in the reality, you will see that our enemies always live with us like gum. Therefore, we sometime recognize them but could not reject them from our life easily. The reason is that enmity rises from the success, which can be in any form. Moreover, if you are successful spiritually, financially, mentally, physically and whatever may be, then you will become a victim of your success. Actually, weakness in our performance will instigate the enmity as well. Therefore, in this direction, you have to control your success graph in such a way that it may able to maintain the synchronization between successful and unsuccessful as well.

From Own Blood

In a family where our enmity starts from a little sparkle if we are not serious about it. The reason is that it depends on the family heads that controls the family. Actually, in reality, you will see some kinds of discrimination instigate the enmity among the family members. Therefore, in this direction, we should keep our eyes open on this context as well. If you deeply concentrate on the family proceedings, then you will see that sibling enmity starts from the earlier life of their staying in the family as well. Nevertheless, in this case, the role of their parents is very much important. The reason is that the parents should maintain integrity among their children without any discrimination. Actually, what happens is that if your enmity from within your family, then it will be very much dangerous. The reason is that intensity of enmity will be harsh and cruel which you will never think about it before.

From Friendship

In this world, getting a good friend is very much rare. So that you will probably met with a friend who will always like to take advantage from you. Therefore, somehow any enmity can arise when the self-interest will be affected as well. Actually, two parameters bring enmity among the friends. These are love and career. Therefore, you have to look at bottom of friendship where you will see the bouncy wave, which is flowing, without your knowledge. Actually, it is like a quicksand, which always invites your attention, and you should be careful in this regard. Otherwise, you will go into it and you will never get out from it. When you are not concerned with career and love, then your friendship will be intact. However, when your attention starts to look at love and career, then your friendship will begin to take a new turn. So that now, you should go slow in such a way that you can maintain both ends well.

From Partner

When you are doing business with your partners, then it is natural for you to share business profit with your partner. Nevertheless, one thing you may not notice that you will never satisfy your partner all times. Therefore, there is a chance for enmity to you also. Practically, in the business, the influence from the outsiders is always present. Therefore, your attitude and actions will be the ultimate determinant for enmity.

From Own Success

It is a unique situation for you to handle the enmity from your inner-self. Actually, what happens is that enmity may arise from your own self. You should know that we are human have two souls. One is our outer-self and another is inner-self as well. Both are highly significant for our success. The reason is that it is observed that both souls have unique contradiction and actions. Therefore, there will be a great chance for creating enmity. Therefore, you have to careful about it. Actually, you have to maintain your outer self and inner-self well.

From Unforeseen

It is not your fault for having enmity from the unforeseen as well. Actually, the unforeseen enmity comes from your destiny which you have no control on it. However, it is better you should face it with courage and learn from it as well.

Therefore, you should know that enmity not always do harm to us. Rather, it gives us the greater knowledge about this human emotion, which very few people can understand it. Nevertheless, if you understand it, then you will shine in your life and enrich yourself as well.


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